Merry Christmas!

Oh dear, aren't I awful at updating? I'll be definitely adding this to my new years resolutions, and hopefully give this place a bit of a facelift!

Work has been super busy lately, and most of my blogging skills have gone into the Playful Promises blog. My partner and I have also set up a new venture, a theatrical DJ duo called The Roustabouts! We play all sorts of music, from Balkan Beats to electro swing - hopefully 2012 will be a big year.

I'm writing this from my parents' new house in Cornwall. They moved down from Essex a few months ago, but they have been looking forward to this for years and years. Their house is beautiful and this is what I can just about see from where I'm sitting...

It smells so beautiful here.

Have a lovely Christmas and I'll leave you with some photos I took of burlesque stunner Sophia St. Villier for Playful Promises!