Vera Icon

   A few months ago, artist Vera Icon contacted me; she was about to visit London, and wanted to secure a paid shoot with me. Usually when I am contacted for paid work, it is from girls who have no strong or unique interests, let alone any developed ideas, therefore I was very glad when I realised just what concepts Vera was looking to work with. After hearing her ideas, we worked together to work out exactly what we wanted to do (which is an example of what I will do with all my paid shoots). 

A brief description of the shoot ideas from Vera:

The parallels and differences of 2 powerful women: Mother Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Both revered, but one bows to a higher power, while others bow to HER as the highest power.

The styling, hair and makeup was a joint effort, and all of the clothing (and some accessories) in the regal photographs are by Vivienne Westwood. As usual, all photography and retouching is by myself.