A few weeks ago an Italian model, Shivabel, approached me with a handful of ideas, which I thought would fit in well with the aesthetics of my work.

The shoot itself was almost a complete disaster, as I had recently sold my old lights, and in an attempt to buy new ones, realised that they would not arrive till a few weeks time. Thankfully I managed to purchase some from Calumet in Euston. Unfortunately I underestimated how heavy they would be, and almost killed myself dragging them home. 

Bowens Gemini 400 set, not HUGE but definitely enough for my mini studio.

For the shoot Shivabel had made an amazing neck brace, embellished with gems. We styled it with lace and pastels for a surreal Victoriana look. We also worked with a great MUA Ezme Thomas, who used a subtle style with muted colours so as not to overpower the brace. The model has amazing, huge eyes that are just so right for this kind of idea. 

As always I love to hear feedback!





 We also took a few shots with Apatico's bonnet!