The Monarch: Re-edit

 Some of you may remember this post in which I showed the short experimental film Markabre Charade shot.

Since then he has taught himself Final Cut and re-edited the film from scratch, with fantastic results. I suggest watching in full screen! 

"A test of current equipment in low light.

Evoking the Sprit of Glamour's Golden Age. 

Decadent, Indulgent and Unhealthy. 

She may be adorned in the feathers and furs of magnificent creatures but the protagonist and butterfly share a similar unfortunate fate. An intangible beauty trapped behind glass, whether it be that of a jar or a mirror. 

As her eyes, ensnared behind a net, peer into her reflection will she experience an epiphany and act upon it or is she resigned to her fate as an ephemeral beauty?"

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Below are some screencaps from the film: