Jessica Louise


 I first worked with Jessica over 2 years ago, and then again a few months later. Even then I was impressed by her enthusiasm and posing, not to mention what a nice person she is!

In front of the camera she channels a gorgeous, fierce woman, but as soon as the lens points away she is all smiles. This is such an incredible skill for a model to have - personally I'm just as inspired by a personality as looks. Nobody likes a diva and Jess definitely isn't one!

We finally shot together again a few weeks ago, when she also told me what she had been up to...

 Skip to 1.56 and you will see the first glimpse of Jess on Britain's Next Top Model! I won't spoil the 'ending' but she did pretty well and I am beyond proud of her! 

We shot 3 looks; here is the first, inspired by Josephine Baker, Anna May Wong and Orientalism.