Playful Promises Online Magazine Issue


Have I mentioned before how much I love my job? No? Well I love it!

I have also come to realize how much I adore marketing, when given creative freedom. Working for a laid back company that encourages creativity is so inspiring and refreshing. I think that even in university I had come to understand that I wouldn't be JUST a photographer (for one thing, I needed something secure, and freelance photographer does not provide that unless you are lucky enough to hit it big) - photoshoots are stressful and it would be taxing to constantly come up with good ideas. My skills are far too practical and technology-based to be a true artist (in the sense of what an artist is now - coming up with the newest bullshit to sell their art); I wanted to improve my graphic design skills, use social networking, write articles and blog as well as shoot pretty ladies in pretty underwear!

We have some exciting things underway for Playful Promises, from Circus-inspired events (I'd love to run my own club with my partner one day, so this is a fantastic stepping stone), more photoshoots, more magazines and more ways to reach out to our customers in an exciting and entertaining way!

Yesterday I published the 4th issue of the Playful Promises online magazine, which I had been working on over the past 2 months. Our current AW11 collection is called Damascan Dreams, and as it is our Autumn issue, I thought I would theme the whole magazine around the East and, in particular the way the Eastern culture and traditions have filtered into the West over time. As we also have a new style of gift pant available, themed around Circus pin ups (complete with their own adorable striped tin), I also included Circus-themed articles and images. 

Articles include makeup tutorials, cocktail recipes, a review of the Boom Boom Club, an interview with the fire-eating, glass-bathing Missy Macabre and an article about the birth of bellydance in the East. I also shot bellydance sensation Leah Debrincat and, to go along with her interview, Missy Macabre in all her art deco/carny glory! I've posted some of the images below, along with a few screencaps of my favourite sections of the magazine - don't forget to take a look!


Thanks to Silvia Ribera (hair) and Alice Birchmore (MUA) for their work on the shoot with Leah!