Here Kitty Kitty: Halloween!

I like to take the excuse to do something creative, and luckily my day-job allows me just that!

While I am a strong believer in dressing up whenever you like, Halloween seems to be the only time that it's internationally accepted. So, I decided to shoot some fun, slightly darker images for Playful Promises lingerie. As our lookbooks have to be quite commercial to appeal to a range of customers and stockists, it's fun to occasionally do some messier shots!

I booked the beautiful Anita de Bauch (and her kitty Dexter!) for this sex kitten style shoot. I'd been wanting to work for her for a while as she has such a classic look, but it was actually a welcome surprise how photogenic she is. It's hard to explain, but some people need more post production work than others (not to alter their face, but to ensure the light and angles are flattering - I tend to need quite a lot to look like I do when I look in the mirror!), but Anita was just amazing in front of the camera (as is Miss Miranda, hence why I like working with her so much).