Happy (belated) Birthday to me!

Yes, I am a bit late, but I turned 23 on the 13th! 

I had a fairly quiet birthday, seeing a few friends on the Saturday before for dinner at my favourite restaurant, dinner with my boyfriend and parents the day before and then a nice relaxing day off work on the day! My boyfriend had set up a few surprises for me during the day, to make me feel special (and very lucky).

It seems I also had a lot of cake. Which I'm not complaining about.


My colleagues are too lovely <3


HUGE (as big as my face) meringue for dessert with my parents

Look what arrived in the mail!!!

Another gift from my sweetheart.


He also came home with champagne and chocolates, and we sat in bed watching the Charlie Chaplin Revue. Best birthday I've had for a long time!