A is for Arsenic: Black Heart

When she isn't jetting off all over the world to play in her band Angelspit, or to DJ as part of Industrial Girl Bike Gang, Amelia Arsenic also has about a billion other talents. 

One of these talents includes making... things. Many things, it turns out. Jewellery, makeup, clothing, bags - all of them with unique designs and the best materials. 

I have previously worked with Amelia, shooting the lookbook for her first A is for Arsenic collection, shooting images that were turned into graphics for her second collection, and now helped her shoot the lookbook for her new Black Heart jewellery collection.

Here are a few shots I took, which Amelia did some awesome editing on! I'm sure you can expect to see a few more soon.

Photograph by Anna Swiczeniuk
Studded Beret & Necklace by A is for Arsenic
Art Direction by Amelia Arsenic
Makeup by Amelia Arsenic using Sugarpill Cosmetics

Lingerie & cuff by Karolina Laskowska