2 Weeks in Pictures

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Top Left - August the 3rd marked the 3 year anniversary of my relationship with my partner Mark. He took me out for a romantic date (at least, romantic to us!) - we saw Martyn Jacques from the Tiger Lillies perform the score to Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari.

Top Right - Before we went to the Soho Theatre, Mark treated me to an Afternoon Tea

Bottom Left - I'm planning a shoot with Miss Miranda and shoe-makers, Fabulously Fetish! We went up to their studio to have a chat about ideas. Shoes and cake were in abundance.

Bottom Right - Afterwards Miranda, Anthony and I found an AMAZING Thai restaurant in Upper Street.


Top Left - I went down to Cornwall for a few days to visit my parents. They live in the town just across from St. Michael's Mount, a beautiful castle that is set out to sea. This is the view from my parents' driveway.

Top Right - A proper cream tea with proper Cornish clotted cream!

Bottom Left - Another beautiful town that I love, Mousehole.

Bottom Right - The  view of my parents' glass staircase, with just some of their art.


Top Left - Unfortunately the weather wasn't great on the day that I was travelling home, which caused an hour delay to my journey. 6 hours on the train is not fun!

Top Right - Scouting out the location for the Fabulously Fetish shoot - it's in an old slaughterhouse. We went down into the pitch black basement....

Bottom Left - The Roustabouts have a new toy!

Bottom Right - I rearranged my kitchen somewhat, and put a few posters up.