Nearer The Moon Lingerie

A fairly new brand, in the scheme of things, Nearer The Moon launched in 2011 with "a devotion to all things decadent, inspired by midnight encounters, cabaret shows and high fashion." Which sounds right up my street.

As you may have guessed, I have a penchant for particularly elaborate (and therefore, mostly expensive) lingerie. I haven't actually tried Nearer The Moon yet, so I can't say what the quality is like, but I just want to pick out a few of my favourite items from them!


Spanking Shorts

 I'd seen the custom white spanking shorts they created, but my heart just leapt at this gold pair. This is definitely going to be one of my next lingerie purchases. As I only really buy lingerie to wear out while DJing, I'd have to wear these with something underneath, but I think that'd still work well! 


Suspender Belt with Gold Chain

Normally I prefer longline girdles that hide all sins, but I definitely see the appeal of the current trend of strappy/cage-like lingerie. Especially if it involves gold. I'm so easily swayed. I'd love to wear this over a contrasting (i.e. red) pair of high waist briefs.


Cream & Gold Glitter Playsuit

I'm not normally attracted to white lingerie but this is just gorgeous. I'm not sure if the cut out on the stomach would be flattering for me, but I'd love to use it in a layered outfit somehow. I actually saw Chloe wearing this as outerwear with a pair of Kiss Me Deadly tap pants, which looked amazing.  


Do you have a favourite item from Nearer The Moon?