Recent Acquirements

I had a bit of birthday money left over from March, and wanted to spend it on a few particularly nice things!


The Master and Margarita Illustrated Book - The Folio Society

I actually saw The Folio Society advertised on the tube, and had been drooling over the books for a while.

I love the feel of books, the smell, everything. I will never read a book on a screen, and I love looking at old books with elaborate hardback covers. The Folio Society caters to people that also love books, creating absolutely beautiful hardbacks with illustrated panels. 

For my first purchase from them, I just HAD to pick one of my biggest inspirations, The Master and Margarita. When the book arrived it was even better than I imagined, and I've kept it on display because it's just too good to sit on a shelf.


Photo by Scott ChalmersMinty Mix Black/Gold Wig

I've kinda been avoiding the split wig craze (well, I do have a red and white split wig, but I needed it to match my Amore de Mori headpiece!) because most of the wigs seem to be too cutesy or fake-looking. I'm steering my wig purchases more towards realistic colours and styles, but this gold and black split wig caught my eye. 

I'd actually say that this is one of the better quality wigs I've purchased. Including shipping it almost came to £40, however I'd say that it's unique and good quality enough to be worth it. It's rare you will find a good quality wig for £20 (most of my wigs are roughly £30 - anything below that should ring alarm bells!).

I'd love to see more colours from Minty Mix, such as Red and Gold!


Bioshock Infinite art by Paul Roman Martinez Bioshock Infinite

I don't tend to play games (and for the record, I despise the term "girl gamer"), but I am obsessed with Bioshock. The first game, set in an underwater city known as Rapture was as beautiful as it was rich with narrative. And in August 2010, Bioshock Infinite was announced. 

After waiting for so long, with the game's release date pushed back again and again, it's finally been released, and it's as good, if not better than the first game. I won't go into detail, but you should experience it yourself.