This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


I'm currently on holiday in Cornwall, visiting my parents for a week! This area is quite sentimental to me, as I've been visiting since I was a baby, although I grew up in Essex.

Top Left - Walking over to St. Michael's Mount via the causeway.

Top Right - Beautiful Mousehole in the sun

Bottom Left - It's been SO hot here, it feels like a different country. Unfortunately I didn't really consider this when packing, so had to go shopping when I got here. This is about as summery as I get...

Bottom Right - I LOVE fish, and being by the sea there's loads of local fish and other produce that just tastes so amazing. 


Top Left - My hair was getting SO long (I've just had a trim and some layers put in today)!

Top Right - Chilling out on Marazion beach. Unfortunately the sea is still way too cold.

Bottom Left - Trying out a Dietrich inspired look for The Burning Beat

Bottom Right - Another look for The Burning Beat!


Top Left - New flyers for The Burning Beat ready to get out on the streets of London!

Top Right - Shot some of the Playful Promises lingerie body shots (plain background product shots) for our upcoming seasons on Miss Miranda. Also known as Mizz Mizzle, fo shizzle. But seriously, I can't wait for this gold chain set. 

Bottom Left & Right - I did some modelling for awesome knitwear designer Viktorija Rudenia, and photographer Maya Art. Viktorija contacted me because she loved my flapper/circus style, which would work well for her pieces. I loved trying something different to my usual style, and the results I've seen are awesome! I'll post those in a separate post. 


Top Left & Right - Two looks for The Burning Beat, both wearing new wigs from Geisha Wigs! The Left is Starlet and the right is Merida, which are both amazing. I'll do a proper review at some point.

Bottom Left - Miranda asked me to shoot her badass new burlesque costume, including LIGHT UP CHILLIS. She made the whole outfit, including the headdress - beauty and brains <3

Bottom Right - Another look for The Burning Beat, trying slightly different makeup.