Earlier this month, I caved in, for the second time, to Amoralle's 70% off sale.

I've previously mentioned how much I adore Amoralle's loungewear/lingerie, and the socks/leggings that I DO have from them are beautiful.

However. I have to say it. I'm completely put off by how long both of my orders took to ship.

I really try not to complain about customer service etc, and I'm imagining that Amoralle has a fairly small team, but I feel that 18 days JUST for the items to ship is ridiculous. The first time I ordered from them, back in May, it took 13 days. 

This time I did recieve a copy&paste email 4 days before the items finally shipped, saying they would be delayed a little longer because of the high volume of sales.

As I said before, I hate complaining, mainly because I'm not just an uninformed consumer, I know how difficult it is. I pack, ship and deal with customer service emails as part of my day job. With just myself dealing with the orders, I think I've only ever been a few days delayed (EVEN during a sale period), and even then I send out personal emails to the customers who are waiting. If the wait is outstanding (over 5 days), we would offer a free gift. 

The issue I have is that Amoralle are supposed to be a luxury brand, and that means that the entire shopping experience should be luxury, which includes the shipping. One may argue that during a 70% off sale, customers cannot expect such a luxury experience, but surely this is the ideal time to draw future customers in. If I hadn't have had such a delay on both of my orders, I would still be considering saving up for one of the bodysuits.

Oh well! I bought the striped socks (they are actually a dark brown and white) above and these sheer leggings with long bows. As I said before, the products themselves are beautiful quality! I wore them with my Irregular Choice boots.



Amoralle kindly got in touch with me to apologise and explained that they had some technical difficulties when dealing with orders :)