anna krohnistic

Alt-Mu Magazine Interview

Hurrah I'm finally a cover girl! 

When I went to shoot with the awesome Scott Chalmers, he mentioned doing some shots for Alt-Mu Magazine, that could go along with an interview. 

Well, the magazine is out, and not only do I have a 4 page interview, but Im also on the cover! Click on the link to read my blatherings about the different things I do. Also the rest of the magazine is a great read, and particulaly well designed (I'm a real stickler for well-designed magazines).



I don't think I've shared the other images from the shoot here yet... even if I have, I love them so much I'll share them again ;)








Who is Anna Krohnistic?


Anna Krohnistic is a Ukrainian countess, a Golden Age silent starlet, a voodoo priestess, a glittering showgirl - she is the stage alter-ego of Anna Swiczeniuk. 

After working hard on getting our DJ Duo, The Roustabouts, up and running I felt that I needed a punchier name that would really sum up the many guises I take on.

I'm a fan of pretentious and tongue-in-cheek pseudonyms (my partner in crime does work under the name Markabre Charade, after all) that will hopefully bring a slight smile when read!

I'll still be working on my photography under the name Anna Swiczeniuk, but DJing, performances and modelling fall under the reign of Anna Krohnistic.