Details of Home



I thought I'd take a few detailed shots of the flat and objects that my boyfriend (Mark) and I own!

We can't really decorate much, so we just collect a LOT of stuff. These images are just tiny parts of the living room.... the less messy parts!


I love books. Some of my favourites here include The Master & Margarita, Everything is Illuminated and 1984.






Lustworthy objects

Lustworthy objects - the objects that tend to cost the most, and therefore increase by +100 lust points.

80th Anniversary Gold Rolleiflex: EUR 29,000I could HAPPILY make do with a faux-gold version of this. 


Mise en Cage - Aztec Body £258 Tassels! Epaulettes! Bodysuit! If this had any gold detail I would have to assume that the designers of Mise en Cage have a small office space within my brain.