What's in my bag!

I thought I would take part in the IFB Project "What's in your bag?", and do what it says on the tin!

This is my rather demonic-looking bag, complete with handle of human bone, mwahaha! Ahem. No, it is bamboo. Unfortunately this doesn't hold as much as I would have liked, but I am VERY picky when it comes to bags, and this was good looking enough for me to give up the space.

And here is what I tend to carry around in my bag. Stupidly, I forgot my iphone in this shot.

1. Passport - pretty much my only form of ID as I don't drive. I know it is a bit risky carrying it round every day, in case I lose it, but... it is the only form of ID I haven't had trouble with.

2. A few flyers that I've made for work, just in case I need to hand them out to anyone.

3. Keys to my flat.

4. Fake LV purse - I should probably start looking for a nice new purse, which is a bit more me, as I've had this one for years and it is starting to fall apart!

5. I always carry whatever book I'm currently reading with me to read on the bus and at lunch. At the moment I'm reading the Bioshock novel, which, despite my initial hesitation (I thought it might be a load of fanfiction-esque crap), is very good and reminds me why Bioshock is the only video game I keep playing over and over. 

6. Oyster Card - this is the system London transport uses instead of tickets (although you can buy tickets if you want). All you have to do is swipe it over the reader, and you can set it up online to recharge automatically when it reaches below a certain limit. A fantastic idea, for once!

7. Business cards with business card holder. I always try to have these on me just in case I meet anyone I want to keep in contact with/show my portfolio. I had the cards printed by Moo, and they are gorgeous quality - the paper is thick and the rounded corners really stand out (although, I've found that Moo tends to print slightly darker than usual). Another great feature is you can upload up to 50 designs - I have about 20, so theres a real mix of my work to show people! Here is a close up: