Although not Catholic, I tend to take a lot of inspiration from Catholic imagery, such as The Pietà and magnificent renderings of the Virgin Mary. I particularly love the use of veils or mantillas, and what they may signify.

Although these lace coverings have fallen out of use (except for weddings) in many countries, it seems that popularity has remained among Spanish women on special occaisions. Not just limited to funerals, as many seem to believe, but also to bullfights, weddings and Holy Week. The high combs, known as peineta, lift the veil, mimicing the shape of the Virgin Mary's halo.  

As you can see, traditional combs are as wide and tall as possible, however it seems difficult to purchase one so large, and I've had to make do with a comparatively small one!

I took some quick self portraits with a mantilla and red comb: