The Mourning Widow

Surprisingly, I realised I hadn't really been in front of the camera for some time, so when Charlotte (RavenBlakh Photography) contacted me regarding a new shoot, I thought it was a good time to remedy this!

I had worked with her before, so I already knew she is talented! I find that I don't often model for others mostly because I don't think many photographers have a style that works well for me. I look for photographers with a distinct voice, which will work with my styling rather than just flat images where my styling pulls the image along. 

 This shoot was based on the theme of mourning, which instantly made me think of Amore de Mori's beautiful Memento Mori collection. I had a few pieces still with me after shooting the product shots for them:



Check out the rest at the Once boutique. I absolutely love this collection - I find Victorian Post-mortem photography fascinating and beautiful. Considering the amount of work, detail and originality of these pieces, I think they are more than worth the price. Perfect present for those with a bit of a morbid sense of humour ;)

 I also had the pleasure of borrowing a beautiful black corset and neck corset from Boom! Boom! Baby! who's work I've also shot years and years ago! Her corsets are an absolute work of art, and this one was in a beautiful thick leather. I love the shape that neck corsets create, which I think worked especially well for a slightly Victorian-esque shape.

The other parts of the outfit were pulled together from various bits and pieces from my wardrobe, including a bra from Playful Promises and a Kiss Me Deadly suspender belt. I put the wig together a few nights before, making poor Mr. Phrenology head into a drag queen.



And now, onto the results!

 Photography: Ravenblakh
MUA: Tabby Casto
Assistant: Carl Osbourn  




I'm so pleased with these images! There are even more amazing shots that you can see here!