Giveaway: Amore de Mori

Some of you may be familiar with Amore de Mori, if not, all will be revealed!

Amore de Mori is the brand encompassing the work of inspiring British artist Bonnie Wood. Loosely explained as taxidermy and osteological adornments, Bonnie's projects have expanded over the years, from her first collections of beautiful accessories created out of or including bones, feathers and fur to a wide range of creations. 

Alongside her Amore de Mori pieces she also creates larger taxidermy work under the name of Sleep and has recently opened an online boutique, Once, which features more affordable pieces of wunderkammer. Like all of her work, each piece in the Once boutique is handmade and completely one-of-a-kind, including items created in collaboration with other illustrators and artists.

Searching on Etsy for "taxidermy accessories" gives all kinds of hideous results, mainly pieces that use wonky or over-stuffed taxidermy just for the sake of using it. Of course, there are many issues as to where the animals came from, and the ethical issues of taxidermy used as fashion. Personally, I feel that the beauty of animals shouldn't be wasted, which is why I am comfortable wearing vintage fur (much of which has been in my family for decades). There is a strong difference between Bonnie's work and many of the pieces on Etsy; the care and attention gone into her presentation transports the dead into second life, angelic and classic. The Sleep art pieces could easily stand up to the work of popular taxidermy artists such as Polly Morgan and Angela Singer.

Below are a few of the photographs I have taken either featuring Amore de Mori pieces, or in collaboration with Bonnie.


Self portrait, 2008

 Self portrait, 2010

Product shot for the Memento Mori collection


If you would love to get hold of a piece of Amore de Mori artwork, you could be in luck! Bonnie is running an amazing giveaway across her facebook and tumblr!



The giveaway consists of 3 stunning prizes, the first being Garcier and Dalia, a one of a kind taxidermy artwork. There is even a story behind these conjoined chicks, and being a wannabe carny, theres nothing I love more than stories of Louisiana hoodoo, fortune tellers and spit-and-sawdust carnival freakshows. 

The second prize is the head of the dastardly villain that took Garcier's eye!


And the third prize, the preserved heart of Garcier and Dalia, presented as a gorgeous necklace in a coffin box. 



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The competition closes when the Amore de Mori Facebook page reaches 1000 likes and the Amore de Mori tumbler achieves 500 followers.

The winner of the first prize will be the person with the most entries. The winner of second prize the person with the second highest number of entries and the winner of the third the person with the third highest number of entries!