This week in pictures

I actually forgot to do this for 2 weeks, oops!


Top Left - A rare glimpse at my real hair! Thanks to Miss Miranda's secret tonic I can finally pincurl my hair, and despite the raging heat, it stayed all day!

Top Right - To jazz up a few press events, I organised the rental of a vintage snuff bar. It was so cute, and came in a little suitcase. Snuff was certainly interesting... it's a flavoured tobacco that you sniff, with all sorts of flavours from cupcake to absinthe. 

Bottom Left- On a lovely sunny day I headed to Kent for a shoot with Nandi of Nitemare Photography and Stacey, a.k.a. Sample Remix. Here's a quick snap of my makeup and hair (which I did myself).

Bottom Right - I also had a friend to pose with ;)




Top Left - I had the joy of shooting the stunning Leah Debrincat for Playful Promises Online Magazine (all will be revealed very soon), wearing a headpiece by Kezia Argue

Top Right - Shot with Annette-Bette and she brought along the CUTEST dog!

Bottom Left - Miss Miranda looking mildly surprised by one of Kezia's amazing wigs.

Bottom Right - The Playful Promises team went out for some drinks, starting off at Lounge Lover, which has some amazing decor. I must get myself some anatomical drawings for my studio.