The Past Month In Pictures

Here's my past month in photos, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


Top Left, Right - For the past month we've been DJing almost every Saturday (and some Fridays!) at Cahoots, the new 1940's themed bar in Soho. So a lot of my outfits have been as vintage-esque as I can manage! This last Saturday I wore a vintage kimono with a waspie to turn it into a dress.

Bottom left - A gold and green look for Cahoots.

Bottom Right - I went out in day drag to model for the wonderful Reinka, shot by Al Overdrive, assisted by Bonnie and Ed. I can't wait to see the final results!


Top Left - I've been coveting these American Duchess shoes for a while, and my parents kindly bought me them for my birthday! I don't really wear heels, so these are just the right height for me, and I love the beaded embroidery. Super comfy too!

Top Right - Got a new wig, took it for a spin at Cahoots! Not pictured are the awesome swing trousers with braces that I snapped up in the Collectif sale. 

Bottom left - I turned 26 on the 13th of March and had a wonderful day out with Miss Miranda and then a small gathering of friends at a bar. Understandably, I can't remember much after a certain point in the night ;)

Bottom Right - Feeding my Fannibalism! I just had to order the two Hannibal prints that Fyodor Pavlov has for sale. I need to get them framed and somehow fix them to a wall, but it's difficult when renting flats :(


3 different looks for Cahoots! For the first I was going for a kind of Spanish vintage vibe, the second a Dior 1950's look and the last was my Marlene Dietrich look, which probably isn't at all accurate but hopefully gets the idea across ;)


Top Left, Right- I LOVE this sparkly red dress! Another look for Cahoots.

Bottom left - I had a hankering for a sparkly gold eyepatch, and the wonderful Liv Free delivered! I need to go somewhere suitable for a sparkly eyepatch, that also doesn't matter about stumbling into people...

Bottom Right - My gorgeous chap (look at his new haircut!!) took me out for dinner at Century Club.


Top Left - I'm not sure how I missed this out of my last monthly post, but we headed back to Istanbul for a wonderful Valentine's Day gig at a Time Out Istanbul party. Had such a great time, albiet a shorter stay than last time. It was nice to meet Swing Zazou, an electro swing band from the UK, who were also performing. Here's Mark showing off the fabulous hotel room swooning chair.

Top Right - My look for the night! Red and gold and sparkly, because that's as Valentines-y as I can get!

Bottom left, right - Managed to get a little bit of sight-seeing in at Topkapi Palace, which was closed last time we were in the city. The Harem was my favourite part, I loved the mix of East and West influences in the decor.


Top Left, right - I can wear pink! As long as it's contrasted with feathers and Nicole De Carle....

Bottom left, right - My look for DJing at Rumpus, which had a Revolution theme, so I dug out a military-esque look! And tried something different with my eye makeup.


Past Months

I did it again! I didn't update each month, but hey...

Here's my past few months in photos, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


Top Left - A little preview of what I shot the other day!

Top Right - My Hannibal season 1 and 2 blu ray arrived! My body (and flower crown) was ready.

Bottom row - A bought a new dress from ASOS and styled it up with inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2015 collection. 


Top Left - We had a wonderful and bizarre week away in Istanbul, where we were booked for a private party. Although we were performing on the Thursday, we arrived a few days earlier on the Monday to make the most of the city. We had a bit of a nightmare at the passport control, queuing up without realising we needed a visa, which caused us to miss our taxi and spend hours finding our way to our hotel! But on Tuesday we had a full day to look around and do plenty of touristy things. This is the Basilica Cistern, which was really atmospheric and beautiful.

Top Right - Inside the stunning Blue Mosque. Although I had leggings and a knee-length dress on, they still gave me a head to toe covering - Mark described it as "the highlight of my feminist career", ha ha ha (all jokes aside, I didn't have a problem doing this, however I felt it was a shame that the women who wanted to pray where forced back behind a screen at the back of the mosque, behind the tourists).

Bottom Left - The absolutely beautiful Hagia Sophia, which was one of the highlights of my trip!

Bottom Right - Adding sparkles to my costume before the trip.


Top Left - Just before starting our dj set to 1000 people in an abandoned shoe factory in Istanbul!

Top Right, Bottom Left - Some of the other performers were part of the awesome Rumpus & Civilised Mess collectives; it was so much fun hanging around with them! <3 

Bottom Right - Tough times chilling by the pool before rehearsals ;)


Top Left - A light flapper look.

Top Right - Sparkly shiny evil mermaid villain look for a private party at Soho House

Bottom row - We were part of a taxidermy themed event at the Horniman Museum, which was to celebrate the launch of Kate Mosse's new book, The Taxidermist's Daughter. I decided to put together an evening-type look with lots of feathers, and an Amore de Mori headpiece and gold feathers from Apatico.


Top Left - Green-eyed flapper for DJing at White Mischief

Top Right - A more toned down 70s inspired look for DJing at a private party

Bottom Left - If you haven't already come across HarmonyHalo's beautiful street portraits, make sure you follow him! He caught us in Soho and took this lovely shot - I love how he used the bright neon colours of the street to create a unique style of portrait.

Bottom Right - Drunk after a night at Ultraviolet with Le Pustra, Amelia Arsenic and Mark Charade <3


Then at this point we went off to Prague ;)

Top Row - She Devil! I think this was for DJing at The Aeronaut.

Bottom Left - Love my bedside table - that's my childhood cat, Whiskers (really creative name there!).

Bottom Right - My not at all historically accurate Edwardian look for DJing at The Horniman Museum's Edwardian themed evening!


This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!



Top Left - This weekend The Roustabouts performed at The Crazy Bear in Stadhampton, which is a beautiful venue! I wanted to take a photo of the amazing garden but didn't get a chance. I just bought this dress though, so here's a snap of what I wore!

Top Right - Bling bling just before Soho House

Bottom Left - A WIWT from last week, wearing my Whistle & Wolf pleated dress.

Bottom Right - The Roustabouts just before our gig at Hoxley & Porter in Upper Street



I've been SO busy from the beginning of the year! As my job involves selling our lingerie to stockists, this means I've started to go to tradeshows, which tend to happen at the beginning of the year and the middle of the year. In late January we went to Paris and then Copenhagen. You can read an indepth diary of the two tradeshows on the Playful Promises blog, but here's a few instagram snaps.

Copenhagen (above) was absolutely lovely, but snowy and cold! I think we might have been unlucky with the weather as some people told us it wasn't usually that snowy. It's such a lovely city though, and I'd love to go back in the Summer. The food was completely amazing (but everything is so expensive!).



Paris was also beautiful (and a much better show than Copenhagen). We didn't have much time to explore as the show was from 9-7pm and quite exhausting. We did manage to go to a gorgeous art nouveau restaurant (top right) with Karolina Laskowska, which was near the opera house (top left). Another highlight was finding a picture of a pug in socks. A PUG IN SOCKS!



Top Row - Went out to see The Black Cat at the Cafe Royal. This place is covered in gilt gold, which is obviously to my tastes ;) 

Bottom Row - For New Years Eve we performed at the Gore Hotel for an event organised by Chaz Royal and Betty D'Light. It was a masquerade themed event, so I found us some matching masquerade masks. 

This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


Top Left - On the 6th October we celebrated The Burning Beat's first birthday with another little event at Concrete, Shoreditch. It was a nice night, but I was just so exhausted after a full week of work, then djing friday, saturday and sunday!

Top Right - My hair and makeup for The Burning Beat

Bottom Left - We had some wonderful acts performing for us, including Miss Miranda (pictured), Bettsie Bon Bon, John Drain and Tom Baker.

Bottom Right - Mark and I before heading out to Soho House on the friday night!


Top Left - Possibly the only time I'll wear florals.... wearing a Whistle & Wolf dress with a Karolina Laskowska harness.

Top Right - We went along to the Apartment 58 (where we are hosting a new club, The Katzenjammer Club) launch party to do a short set, which was fun. I wore my new Black Milk bodysuit!

Bottom Left - My hair seems to be behaving a lot more lately, and curling when I ask it to :D

Bottom Right - My lovely boyfriend, Mark, took me out to see the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show, it was so good!


Top Left - Yay, new lingerie! Regardless of the fact that I'm running out of space to store it all, I love these new Kiss Me Deadly sets. 

Top Right - This dress (from ASOS) makes me feel like I'm in Bioshock!

Bottom Left - A little snap from my Marlene Dietrich self portrait shoot. I had to draw the eyebrows on super high...

Bottom Right - I treated myself to a beautiful hardback copy of the His Dark Materials trilogy. I remember reading these probably a year or two after they came out, when I was 11 or 12, and re-reading the books now is just as wonderful. I've already finished Northern Lights! If only the film hadn't been so terrible...

This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!



Top Left & Top Right - I spent the past week in Cornwall visiting my parents. They live in the town opposite St. Michael's Mount (right), having moved there when they retired. I've been holidaying in Cornwall since I was very young, so it's a place that means a lot to me! Plus, as you can see, it's beautiful!

Bottom Left - I managed to grab a beautiful new fringed and embellished capelet for just £10 (down from £60)!

Bottom Right - Now that I've finished the Game of Thrones books, this is my current read. China Mieville's writing is astounding (and quite striking after reading George R. R. Martin!); I've read a number of his books. I love the bizarre worlds he creates, that are familiar enough to be chilling. 



Top Left - Playing Bioshock Infinite on the 100 inch projector screen! I still haven't finished it yet :( 

Top Right - Another of my recent purchases, that I absolutely LOVE. I had a bit of a google hunt for this, but I'm so glad I got it. I wore it to The Burning Beat and it drew quite a lot of attention.

Bottom Left - One of my looks for The Burning Beat. It's a bit of a mash of cultures and inspirations.

Bottom Right - After a bit too many drinks with my friend Kerry <3