The Past Few Months

Oops, I haven't updated my blog in a few months! I've been so ridiculously busy that I've barely had time to write or post anything :(

This is for a few (wonderful) reasons. A few months ago I was offered a promotion at work, to Brand Manager of Playful Promises. This meant that alongside my current responsibilities I've also taken on our wholesale accounts, which will involve preparing for and attending tradeshows in Paris and Copenhagen in January and February. I've just shot the images for our Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, which I'll then be selling to stockists and, eventually, selling to the 'public'! Scary stuff, and a lot of work, but I love it. 

If that's not all, I've also been helping my partner, Mark R. Charade to produce and run our new cabaret club, The Katzenjammer Club! Since the beginning of November we ran the club EVERY Saturday, with a different line up each week. Phew. 

I have to say, it's been such a busy few months that I'm grateful to have a holiday. So, at the moment I'm visiting my parents for Christmas. This allows me to reflect on my year, and my work. But first, here's a catch up from my instagram over the past few months!


 Top Left - A kinda semi-xmas look. Or a missing member of TLC.

Top Right - What I wore to the PP xmas party, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately the next day (completely unrelated to alcohol!) I caught the sickness bug that had been going around, and was very VERY sick :(

Bottom Left - A few days before, I went for some dinner and cocktails with Miss Miranda and her boyfriend Anthony. It's always amazing spending time with them, especially in such a beautiful setting as the Bar Americain!

Bottom Right - Another semi-xmas look. This is about as Christmassy as I get :P


Top Left - Behind the scenes shot of the Playful Promises AW'14 shoot! This lovely model is called Emma, and we went for a 60's inspired look for this shoot. 

Top Right - In early December Mark and I were booked to play a wonderful wedding. It took place in a lovely hotel in the New Forest! A brief but very lovely break.

Bottom Left & Right - I've been watching a lot of Ru Paul's Drag Race, so I decided to spray a wig gold and wear a gigantic feathered coat, as you do.


Top Left - Mark and I heading out for dinner :)

Top Right - Another look for The Katzenjammer Club, inspired by Pris from Blade Runner (nobody else got it...)

Bottom Left - I shot the AW14 collection for our sister brand, Whistle & Wolf, and here's a shot of an unedited preview. That suit is crazy but I love it.

Bottom Right - Checkered look for The Katzenjammer Club!


Top Left - I've been looking for gold stockings for AGES, and thankfully Catherine from Kiss Me Deadly found these beautiful vintage Gerbe ones! 

Top Right - Behind the scenes shooting for Orchid Corsetry! I'll be posting the finished images very soon.

Bottom Left - On the shoot I tried on a stunning black ribbon corset - I love the way it looks on this dress.

Bottom Right - We djed at an awesome new venue called The Aeronaut. It's completely decked out in circus style!


 This needs it's own collection of images! I will be shooting some portraits in this costume, but in the meantime, here are some shots I took on Halloween of my custom-made Matador costume. This was created by the amazing Boom Boom Baby and it's just exquisite! 


Top Left - My lovely boyfriend, Mark, bought me an interesting looking book! It's conceived by J J Abrams and written by Doug Dorst and has two people's annotations in that also tell a story, as well as little bits and pieces like postcards and scraps of paper! 

Top Right - My makeup and look for djing at the Belle Epoque/Dark Circus Party

Bottom Left - I love this dress from Chiara

Bottom Right - A black, white and red look for the launch party of The Katzenjammer Club.