Happy Halloween!

As part of my job is to create visual content, I put together a little Halloween themed shoot!

I got in touch with the lovely SINderella Rockafella, and borrowed some headgear from Pearls and Swine (I should really write a separate post about how awesome her work is!).

We decided to go for two different sets, one with the Tatiana lingerie and one with the Peacock lingerie (and we also did a Christmas set which I'll post later!).

The first set features an awesome spider headdress (stupidly I forgot that Emma, our brand director, is terrified of spiders!), so I thought I'd go for B-movie style puns :P



For the Peacock set, we had 3 different headdresses, and decided to shoot them all! We used the new wallpaper that's just been put up in the PP studio, which photographed beautifully (much like SINderella!).