This Month In Pictures

Whoops, I haven't done this since last year in November!

If you fancy seeing what i've been up to during December, take a look at my instagram @swiczeniuk

But as for January...



Top Left: Shot Miss Miranda for this year's Lingerie Love Bomb campaign! This is where a bunch of independent lingerie and swimwear brands get together and generally prove that indie is the way to go. Will post the images up once they are all released!

Top Right: Despite the articles in this book being from 2007, they are still hilarious and further my love for Charlie Brooker.

Bottom Left: It was my boyfriend's birthday (a significant one) on the 19th, and so we had a gathering and some amazing cake!

Bottom Right: Outfit for being in the audience (and almost set on fire) for The Black Cat Cabaret at Cafe de Paris. I haven't been to see a show without working for a long time, it was amazing.



Top Left: Laurie Hagen performing at The Black Cat Cabaret. She is one of my favourite performers - that guy was squirming like crazy.

Top Right: An outfit for The Burning Beat!

Bottom Left: Did I mention we now have a candy floss machine in our house? Yeah, it's amazing.

Bottom Right: My gorgeous other half! I can't remember where we were going to when this was taken!