This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!



Top Left & Top Right - I spent the past week in Cornwall visiting my parents. They live in the town opposite St. Michael's Mount (right), having moved there when they retired. I've been holidaying in Cornwall since I was very young, so it's a place that means a lot to me! Plus, as you can see, it's beautiful!

Bottom Left - I managed to grab a beautiful new fringed and embellished capelet for just £10 (down from £60)!

Bottom Right - Now that I've finished the Game of Thrones books, this is my current read. China Mieville's writing is astounding (and quite striking after reading George R. R. Martin!); I've read a number of his books. I love the bizarre worlds he creates, that are familiar enough to be chilling. 



Top Left - Playing Bioshock Infinite on the 100 inch projector screen! I still haven't finished it yet :( 

Top Right - Another of my recent purchases, that I absolutely LOVE. I had a bit of a google hunt for this, but I'm so glad I got it. I wore it to The Burning Beat and it drew quite a lot of attention.

Bottom Left - One of my looks for The Burning Beat. It's a bit of a mash of cultures and inspirations.

Bottom Right - After a bit too many drinks with my friend Kerry <3