Swimwear: Sabine de Brumes

I am not typically a swimwear type of girl. For a few reasons. One: I'm not likely to be jetting off to a sunny beach any time soon. Two: Most swimwear I see is brightly coloured or patterned, which just isn't me. 


Bring back glamorous beachwear! A good example is this shot of Asa Maynor.


I don't buy into the whole "bikini body" junk, nor feel that I NEED to go to a beach purely because that's what people should want to do. I suppose most women my age are finding that holidays are becoming rare occasions. The most I can afford to do is visit my parents in Cornwall (don't get me wrong, I love it), which hardly calls for brightly printed scraps of bikinis.


I have never seen a swimsuit and thought "I must own this AND THEN book a holiday somewhere to show it off". Until I saw Sabine de Brumes swimwear.


I actually saw the collection on The Lingerie Lesbian's blog, so head on over there for all the images. I tend to feature lingerie on my blog that breaks the boundaries between underwear and outerwear, and I'm particularly drawn to the way this swimwear can be worn as glamorous eveningwear. 




The designer, Mais Gysens, apparently worked alongside Alexander McQueen in London before heading to LA to launch her own collection. Unfortunately I can't find any information as to how much one of her pieces may cost, but I'd assume from the detail and the unique designs that they are probably out of my range :(

But I can lust after them.



Now that's the kind of glamorous beachwear I'd wear rain or shine.