Styling Boil Yer Blood

Around June (also around the time we started moving to a new flat), my partner Mark Charade started working on a new music video for Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind. Having created their previous video, the band looked to him again to create a vision for a rockier, darker song.

With the option to do as he wished, but with little budget, Mark began thinking of options and gathering ideas. Looking at Alexander McQueen's catwalk shows, Floria Sigismondi and Joel-Peter Witkin, he wanted a kind of decaying opulence to the video.

I jumped on board as a producer, cat-wrangler and stylist. It's not my first time styling something, but gathering and creating outfits that can be moved in by various different models is quite a task!

Myself, wearing amazing creations by  Mirjam Lehtonen  and a crown by  Bakeneko Designs

Myself, wearing amazing creations by Mirjam Lehtonen and a crown by Bakeneko Designs

After months of work and prep, I'd pulled together a stunning collection of couture pieces from across Europe. Each of the amazing models (and I have no clue how some of them moved so much in some of the pieces!) was transformed into something dangerous and otherworldly. They did an astounding job taking on the roles that the clothing thrust upon them, completely channelling demonic vibes. 

Watch the full video below.

Go to the Vimeo page to see the full list of credits, but as I'll be discussing the styling below, here are the designers that kindly lent pieces.

Mirjam Lehtonen

Magdelene Celeste

Bakeneko Designs

Carapace London


Boom Boom Baby

Lovechild Boudoir

Peek & Beau

Mirjam Lehtonen's pieces are the most recognisable in the video, as she kindly sent through 3 different full outfits, and headpieces. Her work is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when we were thinking up ideas. Extreme couture, detailed and exquisite, with metal work and "unwearable" pieces. I've also shot some portraits of her work, and will make sure to show the details.

The black dress and helmet above, white outfit, and all metal pieces are from Mirjam.

I wanted something that would move well for Nadia (above), so I picked out a set from Peek & Beau, which has ombre red tassels across the bra and brief. I love the contrast of the lingerie against the harsh metal headwear (from Mirjam).

Angelica styled herself mostly, because she's amazing! The only things I added in were the feather collar from Lovechild Boudoir, and beetle eye mask and mouthpiece from Bakeneko Designs. 

I've been working with Bonnie (of Bakeneko Designs) for many, many years now, since her previous brand Amore de Mori. Although she took a break and has recently been creating again, I can see a big difference in her work as her ideas have developed. Taxidermy accessories became all the rage, most of which either wasn't very good, or didn't respect and reflect the beauty of life and death. I really love the new pieces she's created, using the beetle shells as jewels and the tooth mouthpiece below is nightmare-inducing (because good art should disturb you).

Although you can't see it too well in this screenshot, I styled Suri Sumatra in a beautiful red and black feather dress by Magdalene Celeste. I chose a Marie Antoinette style wig of my own collection and a metal facepiece from Mirjam Lehtonen; mixing beauty and danger together, like a bird of prey. 


Hopefully I'll be getting involved in more styling projects in the future! 

Photos by Paul Green

A little while ago I dragged (literally) myself out for a quick photoshoot with Paul Green while he was in London.

Paul takes portraits of interesting characters, and had previously organised a few different shoots in London before (as well as in Berlin), which I couldn't attend. As I was working this day we managed to rush to get ready and head over to his studio, and shot 3 different looks within an hour!

Here's some shots that he's just released, I love them!


Neckpiece and Corset by Boom Boom Baby

Kokoshnik custom made by Kezia Argue, hair by Geisha Wigs


Good God Girl Get a Grip

My boyfriend and I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Ru Paul's Drag Race, and consumed almost all the seasons, including the spin offs.

Thank Ru for Netflix, for bringing this into my life.

I could literally post about my favourite queens (Raja, Latrice, Tammie, Chad...) forever but Chad's gold look has caused me to start painting my forehead gold and spraying wigs gold. 

Here's a quick shot of an outfit that I've worn out a few times. I LOVE this jacket, and the bodysuit is my first Black Milk purchase.

2013 In Style

Seeing as I've pretty much worked almost every weekend for the entire year, that's an awful lot of outfits... and I don't think I repeated the same outfit twice. That surely deserves some kind of medal, right?

Here are just the best ones I managed to snap!


I won't bore you with a long list of all the things I've done this year, and all the wonderful people I've met and worked with along the way. But a few of the things that have stood out are....

Accosting a poor, drunk Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) at The Burning Beat   -  Working with some of the craziest, most amazing people I've ever met   -   Playing at a wedding in Dublin, and wandering around the lovely city, including this swaggerific Oscar Wilde statue   -   Having plenty of breaks down at my parents' house in Cornwall, which was particularly lovely when the temperature soared in the summer


And through it all, I've been pretty much inseperable from my boyfriend of over 4 years, Mark. My partner in crime, best friend and love of my life. 


Here's to more fun in 2014!