Vicky Butterfly and the Faberge Egg

The thing that I particularly love about Tim Walker's work is his use of large props. Although he has claimed to be cutting back on the props and moving into studio work, I'll always love the whimsical use of over-sized objects. 

So when Vicky Butterfly got in touch about shooting her new egg and screen stage props I was rather intrigued!

I've worked with quite a few performers, both behind the scenes at events and with my camera, and there are very few that actually seem to live and breathe their art the way Vicky does. Her costumes, props and dances are so historically accurate and completely beautiful. She's well known for her moon act (photo by Scott Chalmers) and various other large prop acts. 

This is what she said about her Egg and Screen:

Well, I can finally share the results of my summer 'project'! As some of my friends may be aware, I have been the inheritor of Ruby Blues' Faberge Egg... In addition to general restoration I also refurbished it in a look inspired by one of the Imperial Easter Eggs held in the Vatican. I do like a craft project though and as I rarely do things by halves, I also created a 6ft tall 6 leaf backing screen inspired by the Catherine Palace Hall of Mirrors in St Petersburg. Yes, the carpentery, joinery etc. is mostly mine. So, having washed the dust from my hands, I give you my Imperial Swan's Egg! Yes, there may also have been a little inspiration from King Ludwig in there too...

So, on Saturday, I went over to shoot Vicky and her new set. Unfortunately I was a little (ok, a lot) hungover and we had to play jenga with the very heavy egg and very heavy 6 panel screen! I also had to balance on a rotating stage, and I'm not particularly good with balance at the best of times.

But it was worth it ;)