This Month In Pictures

What I've been up to during the past month, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


Top Left: This Sunday we went off to a BBQ for our friend Anthony's birthday, so I tried something a little different with my hair. It was such a lovely day, with great company, talking about everything from feminist issues to the next Doctor Who. Unfortunately the mosquitos seemed to enjoy my flesh, as my legs have been bitten to shreds :(

Other images: On Saturday we had our first night off for 10 months, now that The Burning Beat is NO LONGER at House of Wolf (we will be doing a Bank Holiday special in Shoreditch on the 25th August)! It was also quite a coincidence that my Grandmother was celebrating her 90th birthday and Mark and I were celebrating our 4 year anniversary. For lunch we went to see my family, which was quite a large gathering with plenty of booze. 

For the evening I'd booked a trip to the beautiful Pheonix Cinema to see Blancanieves. I'm going to have to give this a separate post because it was just absolutely beautiful and exactly what we love!


Top Left: Selfie at work! You can see how my desk is surrounded by images..

Top Right: One of the ladies at work was leaving, so we went for a goodbye BBQ at Kensington Roof Gardens. They had Pimms in TINY BUCKETS IT WAS GREAT.

Bottom Left: It also looked amazing. You wouldn't think that such an exotic looking place was in the middle of London. And it was an authentic kind of exotic rather than looking theme park-esque.

Bottom Right: Wearing my new Playful Promises Hella Bodysuit with a Karolina Laskowska frame bra. I've been pretty much wearing this bra under and over things for the past week.


Top Left: A backstage selfie at the last Burning Beat at House of Wolf. I'm wearing my new Nearer the Moon fringe dress.

Top Right: We also had a private birthday party booking just before The Burning Beat. It was a gatsby inspired event with cocktails in teacups and lots of people looking very dashing!

Bottom Left: For the first time ever, our dj booth was a white grand piano. Badass.

Bottom Right: Before heading out to a Gatsby themed party at Soho House, where we were performing. I tried to do a Pola Negri type makeup look... Although the eyebrows need work. Anyone want to see a tutorial of this?