American Duchess Historical Footwear



I have to admit, I'm not usually that interested in shoes. It's mainly because I'm just SO picky.

I'm completely useless at walking in high heels, so I tend not to, although I do see the appeal!

My taste in shoes seems to be the same sort of taste as in other things (e.g. lingerie); I find myself preferring vintage styles. My daily boots are a Victorian style, for example.

I've been lusting after American Duchess shoes for some time, and at the moment they are running a giveaway for the gorgeous 1930s reproduction shoes above/below!



Other boots and shoes from American Duchess that are on my wishlist are...

Tavistock Victorian Boots


Pompadour French Court Shoes 


Gibson Edwardian Shoes


Spectator T-Strap Shoes


Which American Duchess shoes are your favourite?