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A Slightly Belated Merry NSFW Xmas!

I probably should have posted this BEFORE Christmas! 

I shot an image of Miss Miranda and Elegy Ellem's awesome new fetish reindeer outfits, which were made entirely by the talented boys and girls at Fabulously Fetish. The girls had these made for an exclusive new double act that they performed at the Winter Torture Garden Ball, and the image was even used on the flyer! 



The original image isn't safe for work, so I've made it smaller - click on it for the larger version.


Fabulously Fetish : NSFW

I've had to keep these photos under wraps for a while, so I just can't wait to share them!

A few months ago I shot the new lookbook for awesome shoe brand, Fabulously Fetish! It was the most epic shoot I've done so far, in terms of props, preparation and time it took shooting (9 HOURS). It would have been a difficult task but luckily I had an amazing model, who I just love working with again and again. Bet you can't guess who :P Yep, Miss Miranda.

Fabulously Fetish recreate the classic fetish arched shoe, so we wanted to bring a bit of this into the shoot without becoming cliche. Inspired by Bizarre (no, not the current Bizarre, the original 50's version) created by illustrator John Willie, we used rope-bondage and particular poses to evoke the feeling of two different characters. One is a more submissive woman, echoing Sweet Gwendoline, while the other is a stronger, dominant type. The characters also invade each other's space (the two different sets, one faded grandeur, and one stark and distressing). 

I'm so pleased with these images, hopefully you will like them too!