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2014 Through The Lens

I did this last year, so I'm doing it again this year!

As I've mentioned before, I don't have a lot of spare time (or the budget) to organise creative shoots, but I've managed to squeeze a few in here and there. I feel like although I've not shot all that much, the quality of my work is getting better! You can view my entire 2014 portfolio (and previous years) here, and let me know what you think.


 These are my favourite picks from the "non-work" creative shoots I've done this year.

Very early in the year, I shot the beautiful Suri Sumatra (top left), who I've known as part of the cabaret scene for a while. There was a *little* difference between this shoot and the rest of my work; she was very pregnant! She's since had an adorable baby girl, but it was wonderful to shoot some different pregnancy photos. Suri has an amazing wardrobe full of costumes, and I love the old gold theme she worked with for this styling - she looks like a mythical goddess.

I worked with Miss Betsy Rose (top right) a few years ago, and she's just so wonderfully photogenic! She told me she had some corsets to shoot for Ava Corsetry, and wondered if I'd like to join in. We shot so many different styles, I still have more shots to edit! I particularly love this one :)

I finally teamed up with aerialist and contortionist badass, Jackie Le (bottom left), for a circus-esque shoot at The Aeronaut in Acton (if you haven't been yet, make sure you do!). This was the first time I've shot anyone on an aerial hoop, which was a lot more difficult than I first imagined... but I love the results!

Betsy Rose was back in my studio with fellow burlesque stars Jolie Papillon and Missy Fatale (the 3 of them being Gin House Burlesque). We did some triple shots as well as singles, but it's this shot (bottom right) of Missy Fatale that I love because of her awesome snake!



I think my Playful Promises lookbook total this year has been 6.. not including the lookbooks for Wolf & Whistle! Some shoots took multiple days! I'm so pleased with the results, both photography-wise and for our brand.

Top left was the AW'14 campaign, where we swapped out elaboate locations for a minimalist '60s inspired look. Top right was for our 10th Anniversary circus collection, so I could be a bit more creative with lighting, and I loved the results (probably my favourite shoot!). Bottom left is our SS'15 campaign, and bottom right was our quirky, creepy Halloween lookbook, inspired by victorian spiritualism!

 I've just shot the AW'15 campaign, which I absolutely love! Three of my favourite models, Miss Miranda, Miss Deadly Red and Veanne, in one of my favourite locations (we actually used this for AW'12, my first lookbook for the brand).

Here's a cheeky preview of two of the shots


Here's to 2015!


Playful Promises Circus Collection Lookbook

Hooray, another lookbook I can show off!

Normally with lookbooks I shoot them 6 months before I can actually show them, but in this case the production process was shorter.

Playful Promises is celebrating 10 years of making knickers, and to celebrate we created a limited edition Circus-inspired collection, made entirely in the UK. Check out our facebook page to read more!

This is not only one of my favourite lingerie collections to date, but I'm so pleased with the images we shot. As this collection is exclusive to our retail website, the images didn't need to be so commercial, so we were a little more creative, experimenting with lighting. 

I shot in what I'm going to describe as a secret location (you might see it crop up in another way later this year) with Miss Miranda, who did all her own makeup and hair. We actually shot all of this in about 4 hours, because we are awesome ;) 

Click on the photos to buy the extemely limited edition pieces!



We also shot some mix-and-match images of some of the other brands we carry.

2013 Through The Lens

I put together a yearly review of my work for 2012 at the beginning of this year, so it's time for one of 2013!

As previously mentioned, I haven't really taken on much photography work this year (due to DJing and producing events), so my portfolio is a little slimmer than last year. However, I've still shot a lot of lookbooks and worked with some wonderful characters!

I just had to take some time to shoot the absolutely beautiful Janet Fischietto (top left), a burlesque star from Italy, when she came over to London earlier in the year. I also had the pleasure of once again working with the lovely Vicky Butterfly (bottom right) to photograph her alongside her huge new faberge egg prop, and a quick snap (top right) from a shoot for The Black Cat Cabaret's poster.

I've worked with Miss Miranda countless times this year, and plan to continue next year - she's one of my best friends, it's always a pleasure to work with her and I love her lots! One of the shoots I worked on with her this year was a double-shoot with Swedish beauty Elegy Ellem, with outfits made by Fabulously Fetish!


This year I shot 3 lookbooks for my day job at Playful Promises, including the swimwear (with an amazing model, Mulan - Top Left) and the lingerie (with Miss Miranda - Bottom Right - and a model called Petra). Makeup was mostly by Cheyenne Raymond and the wonderful hair on Mulan was by Doubravka Marcinkova. I also shot 3 lookbooks for our sister clothing brand, Whistle & Wolf.

We also shot some of our pieces on a size 14/36D model called Ally (Top Right) in a quirky location. For Halloween I also put together a fun little shoot with SINderella Rockafella (Bottom Left) - she's an incredibly talented model and lovely person, I hope to work with her again soon!


I haven't had much time to shoot many self portraits this year, despite having lots of outfits to wear! I'll have to remedy this this year. I did manage to shoot a Marlene Dietrich homage and photograph my beautiful custom made headpiece from Reinka.


And I have more yet to show!!

I've got 4 sets of images that I'm keeping somewhat under wraps, some of them awaiting publication. These are the previews I can show you.

Top Left - Miss Miranda's spicy new costume, Top Right - Playful Promises AW14 (which I shot and edited in 3 days, boom!) with Miss Miranda and a model called Emma, Bottom Left - Miss Miranda for Sinical Magazine, Bottom Right - A lookbook shoot for Orchid Corsetry.


I have a little wishlist of people I'd like to work with in 2014, and I already have a few shoots planned out! Hopefully once I settle into my new workload I will have some time to work on creative projects and such. I'd like to experiment a little more (rather than just getting the shots that I need), and I'm considering shooting some sets for Zivity. We shall see!

What kind of work would you like to see me do in 2014?

What is your favourite photoshoot from me this year?