Playful Promises Halloween Campaign

I haven't written in here for a while as I've been so busy! In the interim, I travelled to Chicago and New York, and have been assisting my partner on some video projects. More about those later!

If we have time, we always attempt to take a Halloween photoshoot at Playful Promises (last year's theme was Victorian Spiritualism), despite this being one of the busiest times of the year, leading up to Christmas. I wasn't quite sure what we could do that would be different to previous years (in 2013 we did a semi-B-movie style shoot and 2012 was cat inspired), and not be typically "spooky".

I started thinking of '70s horror films, in particular the strong colours of Suspiria and some of Lauren Thurman-King's amazing work.

Miss Deadly Red is one of my favourite people to shoot at the moment, and she was such a good sport about wearing smelly fangs, being covered in blood and having a fake eyeball shoved in her mouth.


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Happy Halloween!

As part of my job is to create visual content, I put together a little Halloween themed shoot!

I got in touch with the lovely SINderella Rockafella, and borrowed some headgear from Pearls and Swine (I should really write a separate post about how awesome her work is!).

We decided to go for two different sets, one with the Tatiana lingerie and one with the Peacock lingerie (and we also did a Christmas set which I'll post later!).

The first set features an awesome spider headdress (stupidly I forgot that Emma, our brand director, is terrified of spiders!), so I thought I'd go for B-movie style puns :P



For the Peacock set, we had 3 different headdresses, and decided to shoot them all! We used the new wallpaper that's just been put up in the PP studio, which photographed beautifully (much like SINderella!).


Happy Halloween!

As you may know, I tend to dress up. While I don't find Halloween particularly sentimental (as I'm British) , I couldn't possibly NOT try and organise an extra-special outfit, could I?


I've actually wanted to do this outfit for some time, but wanted to do it in a particular way. Unfortunately my sewing skills are particularly bad. Luckily, the genius Kirsteen Ross, also known as Boom Boom Baby, came to my rescue. 


The Half Man - Half Woman costume has long been seen on the vaudeville stage, but I was particularly inspired by Zorita's version, which was a raunchier strip-tease. 



I want to, eventually, turn this into an act, so I asked Kirsteen to create the costume in a certain way, so that each piece can be removed. 


Here are a few self portraits of the finished look: