mamzelle maz

Tough Love

Now that we have published the new issue of Playful Promises Magazine, I can show the images I shot for the editorial! 

We wanted to do a different take on the Valentine's theme (which is, of course, a busy time for lingerie!), so went for a shoot in a boxing ring. I have to say, I've never felt so out of place! Somehow we managed to shoot this in 3 hours; I'm not entirely pleased with the lighting, but I made do. 

Models: Mamzelle Maz, Miss Miranda and Randolph Hott.



Miranda is the winner! ;) But we still very much love Maz too.


A is for Arsenic: Crime and Punishment


Most of you have probably seen this by now, but I took part in an amazing project with Amelia Arsenic  for her new line of tshirts and prints: A is for Arsenic: Crime and Punishment

"Crime and Punishment is a collection inspired by vintage fetish magazines, the drama of the silent screen and a dash of murder. The imagery combines film noir inspired bondage portraiture with monochromatic graphic interventions."

 We actually took the first step on this project last year, and it is amazing to see the results. Amelia is extremely talented, taking this project from conception through to production (she printed everything herself by hand), and then collaborated with others to create a polished lookbook. The tshirts themselves are so comfy to wear, and look fantastic, I'd highly recommend grabbing one while you can!

Here are the original photographs (which Amelia then turned into graphics), which I took in the White Womb studio - models are Mam'zelle Maz and Nina Kate


And below are some of the gorgeous lookbook images - the results of a lot of hard work!

Lookbook Photographer: Melissa Jenkins

Crime & Punishment Design Photography: Anna Swiczeniuk

Models: Nina KateUlorin VexSohui, Phil Smith & Maz

Hair: Ceri Cushen

Makeup: Kirka Verinen

Styling, Concept & Art Direction: Amelia Arsenic

Latex accessories: Jane Doe Latex for A is for Arsenic