2013 Through The Lens

I put together a yearly review of my work for 2012 at the beginning of this year, so it's time for one of 2013!

As previously mentioned, I haven't really taken on much photography work this year (due to DJing and producing events), so my portfolio is a little slimmer than last year. However, I've still shot a lot of lookbooks and worked with some wonderful characters!

I just had to take some time to shoot the absolutely beautiful Janet Fischietto (top left), a burlesque star from Italy, when she came over to London earlier in the year. I also had the pleasure of once again working with the lovely Vicky Butterfly (bottom right) to photograph her alongside her huge new faberge egg prop, and a quick snap (top right) from a shoot for The Black Cat Cabaret's poster.

I've worked with Miss Miranda countless times this year, and plan to continue next year - she's one of my best friends, it's always a pleasure to work with her and I love her lots! One of the shoots I worked on with her this year was a double-shoot with Swedish beauty Elegy Ellem, with outfits made by Fabulously Fetish!


This year I shot 3 lookbooks for my day job at Playful Promises, including the swimwear (with an amazing model, Mulan - Top Left) and the lingerie (with Miss Miranda - Bottom Right - and a model called Petra). Makeup was mostly by Cheyenne Raymond and the wonderful hair on Mulan was by Doubravka Marcinkova. I also shot 3 lookbooks for our sister clothing brand, Whistle & Wolf.

We also shot some of our pieces on a size 14/36D model called Ally (Top Right) in a quirky location. For Halloween I also put together a fun little shoot with SINderella Rockafella (Bottom Left) - she's an incredibly talented model and lovely person, I hope to work with her again soon!


I haven't had much time to shoot many self portraits this year, despite having lots of outfits to wear! I'll have to remedy this this year. I did manage to shoot a Marlene Dietrich homage and photograph my beautiful custom made headpiece from Reinka.


And I have more yet to show!!

I've got 4 sets of images that I'm keeping somewhat under wraps, some of them awaiting publication. These are the previews I can show you.

Top Left - Miss Miranda's spicy new costume, Top Right - Playful Promises AW14 (which I shot and edited in 3 days, boom!) with Miss Miranda and a model called Emma, Bottom Left - Miss Miranda for Sinical Magazine, Bottom Right - A lookbook shoot for Orchid Corsetry.


I have a little wishlist of people I'd like to work with in 2014, and I already have a few shoots planned out! Hopefully once I settle into my new workload I will have some time to work on creative projects and such. I'd like to experiment a little more (rather than just getting the shots that I need), and I'm considering shooting some sets for Zivity. We shall see!

What kind of work would you like to see me do in 2014?

What is your favourite photoshoot from me this year?