self portrait

Mirjam Lehtonen Costumes

As I mentioned in my previous post, Finnish designer Mirjam Lehtonen had lent me some pieces to use for styling a music video. To thank her, and make the most of the costumes, I shot some self portraits, some of which also included other pieces we borrowed for the video, styled in a different way (those pieces I've mentioned below the images, everything else is by Mirjam).

Mouthpiece by  Bakeneko Designs

Mouthpiece by Bakeneko Designs

Mask by Bakeneko Designs 

Mask by Bakeneko Designs 

Feathers by  Lovechild Boudoir

Feathers by Lovechild Boudoir

Red Dragon

 Back in October I shot a beautiful blue headdress by Liv Free, and she's since brought out dozens of beautiful, intricate headdresses

I had a hankering for a glittery eyepatch (you know, as you do) which Liv also makes (I've yet to photograph it, but it's badass!), and she sent over another headdress to shoot as well.

The "Firebird" headdress features blood red materials, flowers and beads; it seemed quite vampiric to me, and the flowers made me think of vanitas paintings.

I've been quite into reds and purples recently, so I contoured my face with reds (Love + from Sugarpill and Love Sick by Melt Cosmetics) to pick up the colour. On my eyes I wanted an ethereal, glossy effect so I used the same colours as the contour as well as Bulletproof for the black and Lumi for the highlights, both from Sugarpill. I used a clear gloss over everything and added a touch of red glitter. On the lips is Shien Costmetics Cobra Lily and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Role Play (which was also the "blood"). 

I chose a white wig from Geisha Wigs to be a complete contrast to the headdress.




I've really loved Dolce & Gabbana's recent collections, especially the use of byzantine-esque crowns in the AW'13 runway (see above).

I managed to track down a bespoke crown (luckily for a fraction of the price!), along with a beautiful couture neckpiece.

I just had to do a quick shoot with these, even though I'm super busy lately! 

The wig is Merida by Geisha Wigs

Makeup is:

Eyes - Sugarpill Love +Buttercupcake & Hi Viz, Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Gold, Collection Liquid Liner,Sugarpill Saint lashes.

Lips - Nyx Cosmetics Nectar Liner, Shien Cosmetics Gold Viper, Cleopatra's Pride Gloss by FierceMagenta



Creations By Liv Free

Not only is Liv Free a beautiful model and wonderful makeup artist, but she also has a line of accessories, Creations by Liv Free. Making everything from masks and eyepatches to opulent headpieces and horns, Liv has created a stunning collection of everything I want! 

She had previously made me this stunning halo and I also have a horned headdress that I still need to get around to photographing. Liv's pieces are always extremely well-made; the Halo has been in and out of suitcases to multiple different countries and still survived!

Liv got in touch with me to see if I wanted to shoot her new 'Pavo Cristatus' headpiece, and I can't turn a kokoshnik down ;)

My first thoughts when I saw the headdress (apart from the obvious Peacock-inspired colours) were of traditional Indian art, in particular the South Indian Mysore paintings, which featured a lot of bright pigments and gold leaf. I also thought about Vladimir Tretchikoff's paintings, in particular his best known "Chinese Girl" painting.



I wanted to channel these bright colours into my self portraits, which also made me think of glorious Technicolor films of the 1940s and 50s (here's an example, note Carmen Miranda particularly!).

I had originally planned to paint my hands and arms blue rather than my face, but that was too impractical to shoot with, and I'd been wanting to do a blue face look ever since seeing B.Ames & Valentine Steaphon's amazing makeup! I wanted the eyes to pop in a contrasting colour that would be picked up by the lighting.



The entire makeup (except the lips) was done using Sugarpill Cosmetics, which are now being stocked at Playful Promises!

Face - Afterparty and Tako (not currently available)

Eyes - Love+, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Asylum and Hi-Viz

Lashes - Glitzy

Lips - Shien Cosmetics Cobra Lily with a dab of Hi-Viz pigment



I actually ended up going out with the same face, which turned into a rather Beetlejuice-ian look :D

Good God Girl Get a Grip

My boyfriend and I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Ru Paul's Drag Race, and consumed almost all the seasons, including the spin offs.

Thank Ru for Netflix, for bringing this into my life.

I could literally post about my favourite queens (Raja, Latrice, Tammie, Chad...) forever but Chad's gold look has caused me to start painting my forehead gold and spraying wigs gold. 

Here's a quick shot of an outfit that I've worn out a few times. I LOVE this jacket, and the bodysuit is my first Black Milk purchase.