Mirjam Lehtonen Costumes

As I mentioned in my previous post, Finnish designer Mirjam Lehtonen had lent me some pieces to use for styling a music video. To thank her, and make the most of the costumes, I shot some self portraits, some of which also included other pieces we borrowed for the video, styled in a different way (those pieces I've mentioned below the images, everything else is by Mirjam).

Mouthpiece by  Bakeneko Designs

Mouthpiece by Bakeneko Designs

Mask by Bakeneko Designs 

Mask by Bakeneko Designs 

Feathers by  Lovechild Boudoir

Feathers by Lovechild Boudoir

2013 In Style

Seeing as I've pretty much worked almost every weekend for the entire year, that's an awful lot of outfits... and I don't think I repeated the same outfit twice. That surely deserves some kind of medal, right?

Here are just the best ones I managed to snap!


I won't bore you with a long list of all the things I've done this year, and all the wonderful people I've met and worked with along the way. But a few of the things that have stood out are....

Accosting a poor, drunk Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) at The Burning Beat   -  Working with some of the craziest, most amazing people I've ever met   -   Playing at a wedding in Dublin, and wandering around the lovely city, including this swaggerific Oscar Wilde statue   -   Having plenty of breaks down at my parents' house in Cornwall, which was particularly lovely when the temperature soared in the summer


And through it all, I've been pretty much inseperable from my boyfriend of over 4 years, Mark. My partner in crime, best friend and love of my life. 


Here's to more fun in 2014!


1920s Style on the High Street: Skullcaps

Image on the right from, left from Salonofthedames

It's no secret, I adore 1920s and 30s fashion. But, unfortunately, I'm far too poor to buy genuine vintage pieces. 

Elaborate clothing and accessories from the early 20th century are usually rather rare, and being kept in such good condition for almost 100 years means that they usually remain in the hands of collectors and dealers that really know their stuff! And quite rightly too, as they need a lot of TLC!

I also saw vintage prices skyrocket during the Gatsby trend, which appears to be only just dying out again. And that's all well and good, but what happens when you want to recreate a 20's style without spending £100s? 

As you can see above, I'm focusing on the fitted skullcap style headgear. Everyone else seems to think that flapper headpieces begins and ends with a piece of shiny fabric worn across the forehead and a feather. This is a decade of opulence, and I'm sorry to say, but that cheap costume-store head-band doesn't fit the bill. 

But you don't need to spend a great deal on more authentic pieces in order to pull together a fabulous flapper look. Just a bit of creativity!


1. Silver Hair Chain - River Island // 2. Hair Brooch - ASOS // 3. Black and Gold Earrings - New Look // 4. Deco Shaped Earrings - River Island for ASOS // 5. Black Crystal Headband - River Island 


A few of the high street/online chains have recreated some beautiful art deco inspired pieces (particularly River Island's last autumn collection, oh my) at a fraction of the cost. Some even sell pieces (like 1 and 5) that can be your starting block. Here's a few tips!

1. Make use of the shape of headbands and chains that cover the head like the skullcaps above, and add earrings (3 or 4) or brooches (2, and you can use normal brooches too) to add more decoration. 

2. The vintage pieces use dangling ornaments just above the ears to give a little extra dazzle - and who said earrings MUST go in your ears?

3. If you are feeling even more thrifty, use some fabric (something sheer or patterned would work well) as an extra detail underneath the headband/chain so it sits flat against your head. Hand sew to the edges of the headband and cut away the excess. 

4. Visit your local haberdashery and buy up some beaded trims, fabric flowers or motifs to add onto your new headpiece! 


Boohoo haul

I'm always on the lookout for good bargains and online retailer Boohoo has some very affordable pieces.

This was my second time buying from them, having found some pieces in the sale that I liked. As Boohoo is very trend-led, I only seem to shop from their Autumn/Winter collections as I just can't stomach spring pastels and florals. 

As with most affordable retailers, you are getting what you pay for. You are often paying under £30 per item, which means the materials won't be particularly luxurious, details are simple and certain pieces are often unlined. This isn't an issue for me, but some people seem to only want to pay little and expect amazing quality - that's not how fashion works! I've found Boohoo's pieces sturdy enough to last me, with some unique and interesting designs. 

Anyway, onto my purchases!


Hand Harness - £5

I've got a think about gold hand harnesses lately.... I haven't taken this for a spin (while djing) yet, so I'm not sure if it's comfy, but who cares!


Gold Triangle Eyelashes and Gold Zig Zag Eyelashes - £3 each

I don't typically wear eyelashes unless it's for a photoshoot, but these have GOLD ART DECO PATTERNS ON, so obviously I needed to get them.


Paisley Brocade Shorts in Wine - £8

I bought these on a whim because they were so cheap. I don't think they are dressy enough for me to wear for a club, but I am wearing them to my day job today (with a jacket from ASOS). At first I wasn't so sure about them, as they have a slightly odd puff at the front, but I love the pattern on the material. I also wish these shorts were in my size!



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2012 in style through Instagram

Better late than never, right? A rundown of some of my favourite looks this year!

I wanted to do this via instagram (although I only started using Instagram in April) as most of the time I only manage to snap my outfits on there rather than set up a full photoshoot! I'll also do a run-down of my photography during 2012... at some point soon!



April - May

Clockwise L-R: Wearing Lady Lucie Latex for Torture Garden, a french revolution inspired outfit for White Mischief, can't remember what this was for but wearing the Tuxedo Playsuit from Playful Promises, Boom Boom Club at Old Vic Tunnels.



June - July

Clockwise L-R: Shiny and stripey for Boom Boom Club's Prosperos Tavern at Southbank, culture clash for Rumpus, before shooting in my kokoshnik, wearing Kaori's Latex Dreams for Torture Garden.


August - September

Clockwise L-R: I think my boyfriend and I were going out for our 3rd anniversary, performing at the V&A's LoliPop event, outfit for attending the Lingerie Awards, gold and red for Torture Garden


October - November

Clockwise L-R: fez and feathers for The Burning Beat, my half bride half groom halloween costume worn for The Burning Beat, another outfit for TBB, a light outfit for having dinner at Micca Club in Rome.


November - December

All outfits for The Burning Beat, excluding the bottom right, which I wore to work's Christmas party!


 I've dressed up a lot more in the past few months, mainly due to working at The Burning Beat each Saturday. I think I may have honed my style to be more detailed (and more GOLD), and purchased clothing that works in my "fancy" wardrobe (I have two wardobes!).

This year I hope to add even more detail to my outfits, and work on some headpieces and more extreme makeup!

Which of these looks is your favourite?