Dandy Tux Deluxe: Lady Lucie Late

I'm surprised I hadn't posted these here before! I assure you I will slap my own hand. 

With The Roustabouts due to DJ the Torture Garden Easter Ball at the Ministry of Sound, I needed something particularly awesome to wear. Which is where the stunning genius of Lady Lucie came into play!

I have a real soft spot for menswear, and androgyny in general, and Lady Lucie has a few gorgeous pieces that mash-up traditional uniforms or suits with delicious latex. Just take a look at her Military Jacket or the drool-worthy Marching Band Jacket, and of course there is her Moustache lingerie set! But what I really loved was her Tuxedo bodysuit...


It was just SCREAMING to be paired with a bowler hat, moustache and sock garters, dandy style.

I also promised I'd take some shots, which I did with the aid of Markabre Charade.