Femme-Dandy Finds: Blazers

 I've previously put together some femme-dandy finds regarding tailored trousers - this time, blazers!

A good, fitted blazer is perfect for smartening up an outfit. If you are concerned about clashing prints, keep the bottom half to a single colour.


ASOS - £55

I'm very partial to red, and I just love this pattern! I probably wouldn't wear this with the matching trousers, as I sometimes feel that pattern can be overkill. Wear with black trousers with braces or oxblood peg trousers.

River Island - £40

There are plenty of floral blazers around, and perhaps you'd prefer to go for something with a lighter colour palette. But dark florals are very un trend, and I particularly like this strong digital print! I'd wear this with some tweed or grey trousers.

Romwe - $64

I LOVE this, although it's very verging on the edge of Del Boy territory. I thought the lining was a cravat at first, which would go amazingly well with this (either red or blue).

New Look - £29.99

The cropped style of this jacket is easy to throw on, and the folded over cuffs give a touch of colour. Go with a simple print for the trousers - these Plum Jacquard Slim Leg Trousers would be perfect.


SheInside - $62.40

 Another simple blazer with some nice detail. If you feel that you can go a whole day without ruining a full white suit, go for it. If not, go for black trousers, or a wild pattern like this Bird Print or these very Lynchian trousers!


Femme-Dandy Finds: Tailored Trousers

I've recently become a little obsessed with Esther Quek's style. You'd expect the fashion director of dashing menswear magazine, The Rake, to be well-versed in men's fashion. Just looking at her, you can tell she knows a thing or two about dressing dapper. 



I love seeing tailored womenswear, so I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourite tailored trousers from the high street shops.


ASOS Peg Trousers in Stripe

I'm just going to say I HATE PEG TROUSERS. Unless you happen to be a 6ft model and wear heels constantly, they aren't going to look all that flattering. However, the print (you can't really see the gold stripe in this image) on these trousers really drew me in, and I couldn't help grabbing them in the sale. Wear with a sheer blouse or shirt to balance out the masculine baggyness. 



New Look - Mela Navy Chain Print Trousers

This kind of print is just like marmite, love it or hate it. I keep skipping between the two, but I think if it were worn with a un-printed but well-tailored blazer, it could work in a dandy way. 



Boo Hoo - Loren Harlequin Panel Trousers

Love these! The only things I would say that are offputting about them is that the pattern within the panel is not straight (perhaps that's just my OCD talking!)


Boo Hoo - Tash Chiffon Tribal Print Trousers

I've been looking for this kind of print in trousers (although I definitely wouldn't call this tribal print), and these actually look like a decent length. There's nothing I hate more than above-ankle trousers. 



Inspiration: Suited and Booted

I know this may be somewhat of an unpopular opinion, what with the ladies magazines shouting SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER BEACH BODIES SUMMER, but I am looking forward to cooler weather.

Why? Well, I'm suffering. I can't really get summer fashion right, I'm sorry to say. I'm no fashion blogger, I don't have wavy blonde hair or the ability to pose like I'm constantly walking somewhere. I can't wear heels and I don't want to get my bare legs out. 

I want to wear more suits. I wish I were Marlene Dietrich (obscure Vagabond Opera reference there...). But until it gets cooler again, all I can do is stare at pretty people in exquisite tailoring.


Mary Pickford

Douglas Fairbanks

Merle Oberon in A Song to Remember

Marlene Dietrich on the set of Morocco

Shalom Harlow wearing John Galliano, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth


Dandy Tux Deluxe: Lady Lucie Late

I'm surprised I hadn't posted these here before! I assure you I will slap my own hand. 

With The Roustabouts due to DJ the Torture Garden Easter Ball at the Ministry of Sound, I needed something particularly awesome to wear. Which is where the stunning genius of Lady Lucie came into play!

I have a real soft spot for menswear, and androgyny in general, and Lady Lucie has a few gorgeous pieces that mash-up traditional uniforms or suits with delicious latex. Just take a look at her Military Jacket or the drool-worthy Marching Band Jacket, and of course there is her Moustache lingerie set! But what I really loved was her Tuxedo bodysuit...


It was just SCREAMING to be paired with a bowler hat, moustache and sock garters, dandy style.

I also promised I'd take some shots, which I did with the aid of Markabre Charade.