God Save The Queen

Forgive me for posting these with only 3 hours of the Jubilee left, but I had managed to escape London entirely this weekend, to DJ at a truly jaw-dropping event in Amsterdam (which you will no doubt hear about both on here and on the Roustabouts blog). 


I did come to the Jubilee weekend prepared, as I once again teamed up with that hottie, Miss Miranda. A few weeks ago we previously did some images for the Playful Promises blog, inspired by John Willie and other 50s fetish art, and liked the outcome so much we thought it would work well for this....



The above is a work safe (facebook safe) version, the below is not, but that's what makes it that much better ;)



The styling is all by Miranda, using a What Katie Did corset and lingerie and Fabulously Fetish shoes. The crown is one of the many pieces of random junk I tend to collect!