2013 In Style

Seeing as I've pretty much worked almost every weekend for the entire year, that's an awful lot of outfits... and I don't think I repeated the same outfit twice. That surely deserves some kind of medal, right?

Here are just the best ones I managed to snap!


I won't bore you with a long list of all the things I've done this year, and all the wonderful people I've met and worked with along the way. But a few of the things that have stood out are....

Accosting a poor, drunk Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) at The Burning Beat   -  Working with some of the craziest, most amazing people I've ever met   -   Playing at a wedding in Dublin, and wandering around the lovely city, including this swaggerific Oscar Wilde statue   -   Having plenty of breaks down at my parents' house in Cornwall, which was particularly lovely when the temperature soared in the summer


And through it all, I've been pretty much inseperable from my boyfriend of over 4 years, Mark. My partner in crime, best friend and love of my life. 


Here's to more fun in 2014!