If I were a rich girl....

Why do I have such expensive tastes?


My latest lust-list, featuring things I cannot afford or cannot even condone spending that much on!


I.D. Sarrieri's Bordeaux Body - 429

I don't think I've ever seen a piece of lingerie that was more "me". Perhaps if there was a gold applique on it, but then I'd probably just foam at the mouth due to the sheer gorgeousness of it. I really want this. There's no way I could spend so much on a bodysuit.

Miss G Designs

I have no idea how much this is, but prices in her etsy seem to start from £200. 

ALL THE KOKOSHNIKS. Seriously, I have 3 and another on it's way, but I want them all. All of them. In fact, I'd be ridiculously happy with ANYTHING in Miss G's shop.