Creations By Liv Free

Not only is Liv Free a beautiful model and wonderful makeup artist, but she also has a line of accessories, Creations by Liv Free. Making everything from masks and eyepatches to opulent headpieces and horns, Liv has created a stunning collection of everything I want! 

She had previously made me this stunning halo and I also have a horned headdress that I still need to get around to photographing. Liv's pieces are always extremely well-made; the Halo has been in and out of suitcases to multiple different countries and still survived!

Liv got in touch with me to see if I wanted to shoot her new 'Pavo Cristatus' headpiece, and I can't turn a kokoshnik down ;)

My first thoughts when I saw the headdress (apart from the obvious Peacock-inspired colours) were of traditional Indian art, in particular the South Indian Mysore paintings, which featured a lot of bright pigments and gold leaf. I also thought about Vladimir Tretchikoff's paintings, in particular his best known "Chinese Girl" painting.



I wanted to channel these bright colours into my self portraits, which also made me think of glorious Technicolor films of the 1940s and 50s (here's an example, note Carmen Miranda particularly!).

I had originally planned to paint my hands and arms blue rather than my face, but that was too impractical to shoot with, and I'd been wanting to do a blue face look ever since seeing B.Ames & Valentine Steaphon's amazing makeup! I wanted the eyes to pop in a contrasting colour that would be picked up by the lighting.



The entire makeup (except the lips) was done using Sugarpill Cosmetics, which are now being stocked at Playful Promises!

Face - Afterparty and Tako (not currently available)

Eyes - Love+, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint, Asylum and Hi-Viz

Lashes - Glitzy

Lips - Shien Cosmetics Cobra Lily with a dab of Hi-Viz pigment



I actually ended up going out with the same face, which turned into a rather Beetlejuice-ian look :D

Photos by Paul Green

A little while ago I dragged (literally) myself out for a quick photoshoot with Paul Green while he was in London.

Paul takes portraits of interesting characters, and had previously organised a few different shoots in London before (as well as in Berlin), which I couldn't attend. As I was working this day we managed to rush to get ready and head over to his studio, and shot 3 different looks within an hour!

Here's some shots that he's just released, I love them!


Neckpiece and Corset by Boom Boom Baby

Kokoshnik custom made by Kezia Argue, hair by Geisha Wigs


If I were a rich girl....

Why do I have such expensive tastes?


My latest lust-list, featuring things I cannot afford or cannot even condone spending that much on!


I.D. Sarrieri's Bordeaux Body - 429

I don't think I've ever seen a piece of lingerie that was more "me". Perhaps if there was a gold applique on it, but then I'd probably just foam at the mouth due to the sheer gorgeousness of it. I really want this. There's no way I could spend so much on a bodysuit.

Miss G Designs

I have no idea how much this is, but prices in her etsy seem to start from £200. 

ALL THE KOKOSHNIKS. Seriously, I have 3 and another on it's way, but I want them all. All of them. In fact, I'd be ridiculously happy with ANYTHING in Miss G's shop.