Daily Outfit: Burgundy and Gold


I've been meaning to get around to actually photographing my day to day outfits, that I wear to work etc. 

My daily style is obviously a lot more toned down than when I'm DJing. Miss Miranda describes it as "Victorian Street Orphan" (thanks :P) - I love to wear dark reds and golds, although I'm trying to put more colours into my wardrobe.

This outfit is fairly simple for a slightly humid rainy day. 

Bodysuit - Hella by Playful Promises

Bra with chain - Opulence by Playful Promises

Jacket - H&M

Skirt - New Look


I put together that "bookcase" out of apple crates... I needed somewhere to display some of my favourite books! 


This weather is great for just wearing jackets/blazers rather than coats, and I've had this jacket for a while. I love the gold stitching.