Lustlist: Virgos Lounge

I came across the brand, Virgos Lounge, on ASOS recently and completely fell in love.

Do I really need to explain why? Beautifully embellished pieces at incredibly affordable prices? Stunning 30's style gowns?


I snapped up one of their gorgeous crop tops in the sale, and the quality is wonderful.


But now I want more! These pieces are definitely on my shopping list!

Sadly some of their items already seem to be sold out in my size, but I can't wait to see what other designs they will be bringing out.









Tasha Shorts


Ziggy Velvet Leggings


What's your favourite piece from Virgos Lounge?


Daily Outfit: Burgundy and Gold


I've been meaning to get around to actually photographing my day to day outfits, that I wear to work etc. 

My daily style is obviously a lot more toned down than when I'm DJing. Miss Miranda describes it as "Victorian Street Orphan" (thanks :P) - I love to wear dark reds and golds, although I'm trying to put more colours into my wardrobe.

This outfit is fairly simple for a slightly humid rainy day. 

Bodysuit - Hella by Playful Promises

Bra with chain - Opulence by Playful Promises

Jacket - H&M

Skirt - New Look


I put together that "bookcase" out of apple crates... I needed somewhere to display some of my favourite books! 


This weather is great for just wearing jackets/blazers rather than coats, and I've had this jacket for a while. I love the gold stitching.


Femme-Dandy Finds: Tailored Trousers

I've recently become a little obsessed with Esther Quek's style. You'd expect the fashion director of dashing menswear magazine, The Rake, to be well-versed in men's fashion. Just looking at her, you can tell she knows a thing or two about dressing dapper. 



I love seeing tailored womenswear, so I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourite tailored trousers from the high street shops.


ASOS Peg Trousers in Stripe

I'm just going to say I HATE PEG TROUSERS. Unless you happen to be a 6ft model and wear heels constantly, they aren't going to look all that flattering. However, the print (you can't really see the gold stripe in this image) on these trousers really drew me in, and I couldn't help grabbing them in the sale. Wear with a sheer blouse or shirt to balance out the masculine baggyness. 



New Look - Mela Navy Chain Print Trousers

This kind of print is just like marmite, love it or hate it. I keep skipping between the two, but I think if it were worn with a un-printed but well-tailored blazer, it could work in a dandy way. 



Boo Hoo - Loren Harlequin Panel Trousers

Love these! The only things I would say that are offputting about them is that the pattern within the panel is not straight (perhaps that's just my OCD talking!)


Boo Hoo - Tash Chiffon Tribal Print Trousers

I've been looking for this kind of print in trousers (although I definitely wouldn't call this tribal print), and these actually look like a decent length. There's nothing I hate more than above-ankle trousers. 



2012 in style through Instagram

Better late than never, right? A rundown of some of my favourite looks this year!

I wanted to do this via instagram (although I only started using Instagram in April) as most of the time I only manage to snap my outfits on there rather than set up a full photoshoot! I'll also do a run-down of my photography during 2012... at some point soon!



April - May

Clockwise L-R: Wearing Lady Lucie Latex for Torture Garden, a french revolution inspired outfit for White Mischief, can't remember what this was for but wearing the Tuxedo Playsuit from Playful Promises, Boom Boom Club at Old Vic Tunnels.



June - July

Clockwise L-R: Shiny and stripey for Boom Boom Club's Prosperos Tavern at Southbank, culture clash for Rumpus, before shooting in my kokoshnik, wearing Kaori's Latex Dreams for Torture Garden.


August - September

Clockwise L-R: I think my boyfriend and I were going out for our 3rd anniversary, performing at the V&A's LoliPop event, outfit for attending the Lingerie Awards, gold and red for Torture Garden


October - November

Clockwise L-R: fez and feathers for The Burning Beat, my half bride half groom halloween costume worn for The Burning Beat, another outfit for TBB, a light outfit for having dinner at Micca Club in Rome.


November - December

All outfits for The Burning Beat, excluding the bottom right, which I wore to work's Christmas party!


 I've dressed up a lot more in the past few months, mainly due to working at The Burning Beat each Saturday. I think I may have honed my style to be more detailed (and more GOLD), and purchased clothing that works in my "fancy" wardrobe (I have two wardobes!).

This year I hope to add even more detail to my outfits, and work on some headpieces and more extreme makeup!

Which of these looks is your favourite?

Lace and Fur

I keep meaning to take more shots of my daily outfits, but rarely get around to doing so! 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and taking a few portraits of Lawrence Gullo, an amazing artist from New York. Later, in the evening, he came with his husband, Fyodor Pavlov (another brilliant artist, who we have commissioned art from before), to our club, The Burning Beat. It was so lovely meeting them!

This is what I wore during the day!


VINTAGE DRESS - Bought from Yume! 


VINTAGE FUR - My lovely friend Sam was sent a huge box of vintage furs, as well as lots of hats, which she gave to me <3