Photos by Paul Green

A little while ago I dragged (literally) myself out for a quick photoshoot with Paul Green while he was in London.

Paul takes portraits of interesting characters, and had previously organised a few different shoots in London before (as well as in Berlin), which I couldn't attend. As I was working this day we managed to rush to get ready and head over to his studio, and shot 3 different looks within an hour!

Here's some shots that he's just released, I love them!


Neckpiece and Corset by Boom Boom Baby

Kokoshnik custom made by Kezia Argue, hair by Geisha Wigs


Good God Girl Get a Grip

My boyfriend and I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Ru Paul's Drag Race, and consumed almost all the seasons, including the spin offs.

Thank Ru for Netflix, for bringing this into my life.

I could literally post about my favourite queens (Raja, Latrice, Tammie, Chad...) forever but Chad's gold look has caused me to start painting my forehead gold and spraying wigs gold. 

Here's a quick shot of an outfit that I've worn out a few times. I LOVE this jacket, and the bodysuit is my first Black Milk purchase.

Lustlist: Virgos Lounge

I came across the brand, Virgos Lounge, on ASOS recently and completely fell in love.

Do I really need to explain why? Beautifully embellished pieces at incredibly affordable prices? Stunning 30's style gowns?


I snapped up one of their gorgeous crop tops in the sale, and the quality is wonderful.


But now I want more! These pieces are definitely on my shopping list!

Sadly some of their items already seem to be sold out in my size, but I can't wait to see what other designs they will be bringing out.









Tasha Shorts


Ziggy Velvet Leggings


What's your favourite piece from Virgos Lounge?