Past Months

I did it again! I didn't update each month, but hey...

Here's my past few months in photos, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


Top Left - A little preview of what I shot the other day!

Top Right - My Hannibal season 1 and 2 blu ray arrived! My body (and flower crown) was ready.

Bottom row - A bought a new dress from ASOS and styled it up with inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2015 collection. 


Top Left - We had a wonderful and bizarre week away in Istanbul, where we were booked for a private party. Although we were performing on the Thursday, we arrived a few days earlier on the Monday to make the most of the city. We had a bit of a nightmare at the passport control, queuing up without realising we needed a visa, which caused us to miss our taxi and spend hours finding our way to our hotel! But on Tuesday we had a full day to look around and do plenty of touristy things. This is the Basilica Cistern, which was really atmospheric and beautiful.

Top Right - Inside the stunning Blue Mosque. Although I had leggings and a knee-length dress on, they still gave me a head to toe covering - Mark described it as "the highlight of my feminist career", ha ha ha (all jokes aside, I didn't have a problem doing this, however I felt it was a shame that the women who wanted to pray where forced back behind a screen at the back of the mosque, behind the tourists).

Bottom Left - The absolutely beautiful Hagia Sophia, which was one of the highlights of my trip!

Bottom Right - Adding sparkles to my costume before the trip.


Top Left - Just before starting our dj set to 1000 people in an abandoned shoe factory in Istanbul!

Top Right, Bottom Left - Some of the other performers were part of the awesome Rumpus & Civilised Mess collectives; it was so much fun hanging around with them! <3 

Bottom Right - Tough times chilling by the pool before rehearsals ;)


Top Left - A light flapper look.

Top Right - Sparkly shiny evil mermaid villain look for a private party at Soho House

Bottom row - We were part of a taxidermy themed event at the Horniman Museum, which was to celebrate the launch of Kate Mosse's new book, The Taxidermist's Daughter. I decided to put together an evening-type look with lots of feathers, and an Amore de Mori headpiece and gold feathers from Apatico.


Top Left - Green-eyed flapper for DJing at White Mischief

Top Right - A more toned down 70s inspired look for DJing at a private party

Bottom Left - If you haven't already come across HarmonyHalo's beautiful street portraits, make sure you follow him! He caught us in Soho and took this lovely shot - I love how he used the bright neon colours of the street to create a unique style of portrait.

Bottom Right - Drunk after a night at Ultraviolet with Le Pustra, Amelia Arsenic and Mark Charade <3


Then at this point we went off to Prague ;)

Top Row - She Devil! I think this was for DJing at The Aeronaut.

Bottom Left - Love my bedside table - that's my childhood cat, Whiskers (really creative name there!).

Bottom Right - My not at all historically accurate Edwardian look for DJing at The Horniman Museum's Edwardian themed evening!