Tears of a clown



Last night I put together a clown look to DJ at The Aeronaut, and I managed to snap a few quick photos on my camera before I left! This is the first time I've used my ringlight with my proper camera (rather than my phone!) and I love the way it lights makeup.



For the eyes I decided to do a slightly different shaped cut-crease and clashing colours.

For the crease I used Sugarpill's bulletproof, holy ghost, afterparty, clickbait and tako & lumi for the brow bone. Hi-Viz was used in the inner section of the eye to highlight. 

I lined my bottom lid with NYX Sunrise Blue liner, and used NYX mint julep color mascara on the bottom lashes. Underneath that I used Sugarpill's Penelope and some cheap diamond shaped glitter.

I then lined my top lid with Barry M's blue liquid eyeliner (which I also used for the shapes above my eyebrows) and blue color mascara from NYX. I also used some of Sugarpill's Charmy around the edge of my face along with my usual contour. Finished off with a few diamantes!

The lipstick is a blue from etsy seller FierceMagenta and NYX Pistachio Macaron lipstick.


Past Months

I did it again! I didn't update each month, but hey...

Here's my past few months in photos, via my instagram @swiczeniuk!


Top Left - A little preview of what I shot the other day!

Top Right - My Hannibal season 1 and 2 blu ray arrived! My body (and flower crown) was ready.

Bottom row - A bought a new dress from ASOS and styled it up with inspiration from Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2015 collection. 


Top Left - We had a wonderful and bizarre week away in Istanbul, where we were booked for a private party. Although we were performing on the Thursday, we arrived a few days earlier on the Monday to make the most of the city. We had a bit of a nightmare at the passport control, queuing up without realising we needed a visa, which caused us to miss our taxi and spend hours finding our way to our hotel! But on Tuesday we had a full day to look around and do plenty of touristy things. This is the Basilica Cistern, which was really atmospheric and beautiful.

Top Right - Inside the stunning Blue Mosque. Although I had leggings and a knee-length dress on, they still gave me a head to toe covering - Mark described it as "the highlight of my feminist career", ha ha ha (all jokes aside, I didn't have a problem doing this, however I felt it was a shame that the women who wanted to pray where forced back behind a screen at the back of the mosque, behind the tourists).

Bottom Left - The absolutely beautiful Hagia Sophia, which was one of the highlights of my trip!

Bottom Right - Adding sparkles to my costume before the trip.


Top Left - Just before starting our dj set to 1000 people in an abandoned shoe factory in Istanbul!

Top Right, Bottom Left - Some of the other performers were part of the awesome Rumpus & Civilised Mess collectives; it was so much fun hanging around with them! <3 

Bottom Right - Tough times chilling by the pool before rehearsals ;)


Top Left - A light flapper look.

Top Right - Sparkly shiny evil mermaid villain look for a private party at Soho House

Bottom row - We were part of a taxidermy themed event at the Horniman Museum, which was to celebrate the launch of Kate Mosse's new book, The Taxidermist's Daughter. I decided to put together an evening-type look with lots of feathers, and an Amore de Mori headpiece and gold feathers from Apatico.


Top Left - Green-eyed flapper for DJing at White Mischief

Top Right - A more toned down 70s inspired look for DJing at a private party

Bottom Left - If you haven't already come across HarmonyHalo's beautiful street portraits, make sure you follow him! He caught us in Soho and took this lovely shot - I love how he used the bright neon colours of the street to create a unique style of portrait.

Bottom Right - Drunk after a night at Ultraviolet with Le Pustra, Amelia Arsenic and Mark Charade <3


Then at this point we went off to Prague ;)

Top Row - She Devil! I think this was for DJing at The Aeronaut.

Bottom Left - Love my bedside table - that's my childhood cat, Whiskers (really creative name there!).

Bottom Right - My not at all historically accurate Edwardian look for DJing at The Horniman Museum's Edwardian themed evening!


Photos by Paul Green

A little while ago I dragged (literally) myself out for a quick photoshoot with Paul Green while he was in London.

Paul takes portraits of interesting characters, and had previously organised a few different shoots in London before (as well as in Berlin), which I couldn't attend. As I was working this day we managed to rush to get ready and head over to his studio, and shot 3 different looks within an hour!

Here's some shots that he's just released, I love them!


Neckpiece and Corset by Boom Boom Baby

Kokoshnik custom made by Kezia Argue, hair by Geisha Wigs


Disko Pants + Green Eyes

Hooray! We've finally unpacked the boxes in our flat so I could set up my mini studio. Expect a lot more outfit posts and creativity in here :)

Makeup rundown:

Skin: Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer, ScreenFace Shadow Insurance, Lily Lolo Foundation in Blondie and Porcelain, Lily Lolo Bronzer for contouring.

Lips: Aurora by FierceMagenta, dab of Goldilux by Sugarpill 

Eyes: Crown Brush Palette (black, green, yellow, blue), Sugarpill (Royal Sugar, Tipsy, Absinthe), Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Enrapture, Illamasqua False Eyelashes in Lush.


Wig: Darkness and Light by Geisha Wigs 

Top: ASOS (on sale)

Bra: ASOS Marylin Underwire Bra 

Trousers: Boohoo

Shoes: Dolls Kill - Y.R.U


These Past Months

Oh god, again I've managed not to update for ages. But I do have very good reason this time! 

Our wonderfully greedy landlady decided that after 4 years of being good tenants, requesting no maintenance and thus saving her lots of money, she would raise the rent by a ridiculous amount. Long story short, we had a stressful month to find a new place to move our copious amounts of belongings into (all during the busiest time of the year for me at work!). Luckily we found a lovely flat that doesn't have screaming neighbours and has been given a lick of paint since the 1970s, which also happens to be directly behind my office. 

I don't think you realise how bad a place was for you until you leave it, and the amount of stress that has exited my life since leaving the dingy old place behind is phenomenal. Plus, without the hour commute on public transport each day, I have much more time on my hands to spend doing what I want to do! Which should hopefully mean I spend more time writing this blog ;)

In the meantime, here's what I've been up to the past 2 months (sorry, it's a long one), via my instagram @swiczeniuk!



 Top Left - Yesterday Mark and I were booked to DJ at a beautiful wedding in Oxford. The only problem is that travelling in this current heat is killer! I went for a Summer look, and the colour theme for the wedding was purple/pink :)

Top Right - Testing out some new lipgloss I got from Etsy seller FierceMagenta. I tried a gold sample, but it didn't really shine until I covered it with Sugarpill's Goldilux pigment!

Bottom Left - A teal lipstick by FierceMagenta. I love this colour, and I blended the bottom with Goldilux too.

Bottom Right - Room Service is not only a fun night, but they have an awesome photographer too!


Top 2, Bottom Left - Getting messy at Room Service with Mark Charade, Le Pustra and Amelia Arsenic. Classy bitches ;)

Bottom Right - One of my FAVOURITE queen's from Ru Paul's Drag Race, Bianca del Rio, was performing in London at The Meth Lab. Of course we had to go, and had meet and greet tickets! If you know her, you'll know how witty and rude she is (the show was hilarious), but it was so refreshing to meet her in person and see how down to earth she is!


Top Left - Miss Miranda and I with Bianca del Rio; couldn't control my face at this point.

Top Right - What I wore! Finally busting out my gold hood which I bought months ago - I wanted to wear it for Bianca because she wears a similar one in the Sissy That Walk video (she got the reference ;) )

Bottom Left - Spider bling!

Bottom Right - Possibly crazy silly purchase but I'm totally in love with my new shoes from DollsKill


Top Left - Paris! My boss Emma and I went to Paris to exhibit our lingerie and clothing at the Who's Next tradeshow. When we got to Paris on the thursday it was a sweltering hot 37C! I can't actually remember if we went to the Eiffel Tower on this day or the day after, either way, it was still hot as the sun was setting. 

Top Right, Bottom Left - On the Saturday I had the afternoon off to go exploring, so I decided to go and see La Basilique du Sacré Cœur de Montmartre and the surrounding area. You aren't actually allowed to take photos inside the church, but um... I sinned. Oh, but to redeem yourself you can also put a euro in one of these hideously tacky machines! ;)

Bottom Right - Just before heading out to dinner. I cannot even begin to say how amazing French food is (they already know it anyway).


Top Left - I also managed to see this cute/creepy Museum of Magic and Museum of Automata. Unfortunately all the signs were in french :(

Top Right - Ridiculously beautiful art nouveau restaurant we went to on the last night. So, so stunning, and the food was amazing too.

Bottom Left - Obligatory Moulin Rouge photo.

Bottom Right - The trade show had a champagne sponsor, and allowed the exhibitors unlimited free champagne. I think it's safe to say I drank more champagne in those few days than I did all year. They must have gone through thousands of bottles (not just us!). It certainly made the 4 hour delayed Eurostar a little easier to deal with ;)


Top Left - Claw bling!

Top Right/Bottom Left - Mark and I (The Roustabouts) DJed at Soho House's Pride event, so I needed suitably big hair. Geisha Wigs had just sent me this fluffy blonde wig, which I cut a fringe into, and sprayed the top gold.

Bottom Right - Mark and I at The Meth Lab: Tammie Brown & Milk. I made a mistake wearing my moustache, because it's impossible to smile or laugh with it on! This totally didn't bode well when Tammie came out...


I had the awesome chance to work at IMATS on the Sugarpill booth! My lovely friend Amelia Arsenic was recently back in London and asked if I would like to work on the friday. I didn't realise that Irene would be there too, which was crazy awesome because I've known her online for something like 10 years! It was also really lovely to meet the Sugarpill creator, Shrinkle - she's so sweet!! 

Bottom Right - I don't think I've mentioned it on my blog yet, but you would have guessed from my social media elsewhere that I'm obsessed with the TV show Hannibal. I should probably make a separate post about it, but if you haven't watched it, DO IT. Well, my lovely boyfriend bought me the Red Dragon novel; it's actually completely different to the TV show, but they've taken bits and pieces and nods to the book. The show is more like a prequel to the book, as Lecter is already locked up when you meet him in Red Dragon.


Top Right - Adventures with gold leaf makeup!

Top Left - I always seem to pose the same way ;) This time I'm wearing some of Face Lace's new stick-on eyebrows. 

Bottom Row - My look for DJing the afterparty for The Black Cat Cabaret at the Wonderground. My corset and neckpiece are by Boom Boom Baby, who I highly recommend!


Top Row - My look for DJing at Torture Garden. I received this ridiculously amazing new lace front from Geisha Wigs, it makes me feel like a Jewish princess ;) I wanted to do something really different with my makeup, without just throwing shit all over my face! The gold bodysuit and fringed harness thing are both from Playful Promises circus collection.

Bottom Left - Packing to move, I was looking through my books. I love these old editions that belonged to my parents, and were the first copies I read of these books (which are among my favourites).

Bottom Right - Green and blue for DJing at Rumpus!