Anna Krohnistic

The Katzenjammer Club: 19th October

 As you may know, I'm one half of dapper DJ Duo The Roustabouts, and for the past year we've been hosting our very own cabaret night The Burning Beat!

With the success of The Burning Beat, we decided to work on a completely different type of cabaret, inspired by the enigmatic otherworldly zeitgeist of icons like David Bowie & Klaus Nomi.


The Katzenjammer Club

NEW YORK BLOCK PARTY MEETS LONDON AVANT-GARDE. A vibrant, exciting new fusion of Music, Fashion & Theatrics. A passionate celebration that mixes mesmerising avant-garde performances from international artists with fashion forward aesthetics & unforgettable music where timeless idols meet the vanguard.

We will be launching on the 19th October at Apartment 58, a new creative hub based in the heart of London underneath the iconic Centre Point directly next to Tottenham Court Road.

We have an amazing line up for the launch party, including:



A New Collaboration from Mr. Pustra & The Ungewinster

+ Outstanding Individual Acts



A Dapper Gentleman Juggler all the way from Belgium

Showcasing Incredible Dexterity 


The Mistress Of The Macabre Presents A Murder Of Crows 


The Dark Prince of Cabaret




Reduced price early bird tickets are selling fast! Don't forget to join our facebook event.


I Wish I Were Marlene Dietrich

As you may have guessed, Marlene Dietrich is one of my biggest style inspirations. 

Her stunning face, sultry voice and androgynous style has stood the test of time, as she remains one of the icons of the 1930s. 

One of her most iconic outfits is the tuxedo that she wore in Morocco, which was considered rather scandalous at the time. It didn't help matters that she kissed another woman in one of the scenes.


I wanted to do a little tribute to her tux look, so I shot some quick self portraits!

Forgive the crumpled shirt - I borrowed one from Mark, as well as the bow tie. The tailcoat is an old find from River Island, tuexdo trousers from ASOS, vintage top hat and the cummerbund was a birthday present from the wonderful Janet Fischietto :)

 I wanted the makeup to be a bit more exaggerated, more like her makeup here:

And if you happen to want some musical accompaniment... 

Alt-Mu Magazine Interview

Hurrah I'm finally a cover girl! 

When I went to shoot with the awesome Scott Chalmers, he mentioned doing some shots for Alt-Mu Magazine, that could go along with an interview. 

Well, the magazine is out, and not only do I have a 4 page interview, but Im also on the cover! Click on the link to read my blatherings about the different things I do. Also the rest of the magazine is a great read, and particulaly well designed (I'm a real stickler for well-designed magazines).



I don't think I've shared the other images from the shoot here yet... even if I have, I love them so much I'll share them again ;)








Win a studio photoshoot!



Fancy winning yourself a studio photoshoot with me at the helm and fantastic makeup artist Cheyenne Raymond?


To celebrate the existance of the DJ duo I am part of, The Roustabouts, we are giving away a photoshoot worth over £300, and entering couldn't be easier!


Tweet, share on facebook or reblog on tumblr (or a combination of the three) for up to 3 chances to enter - find out how on this blog post.


Good luck!

Who is Anna Krohnistic?


Anna Krohnistic is a Ukrainian countess, a Golden Age silent starlet, a voodoo priestess, a glittering showgirl - she is the stage alter-ego of Anna Swiczeniuk. 

After working hard on getting our DJ Duo, The Roustabouts, up and running I felt that I needed a punchier name that would really sum up the many guises I take on.

I'm a fan of pretentious and tongue-in-cheek pseudonyms (my partner in crime does work under the name Markabre Charade, after all) that will hopefully bring a slight smile when read!

I'll still be working on my photography under the name Anna Swiczeniuk, but DJing, performances and modelling fall under the reign of Anna Krohnistic.